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One night we got a new admission into ICU from ER. It was a female patient being admitted with COPD in her 40's. She did not appear to be in distress and was able to talk with o2 on vital signs... Read More

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    Then when one of them asked her to check for a radial pulse, she blanked out and said, "what's a pulse?".
    Poor thing, she made it through school fine though:chuckle .[/quote]

    I worked with a nurse once who was also a minister's wife. Very nice person, rarely flustered and NEVER known to say a swear word. One day one of her pt's went into VFib. Code was called, crash cart arrived and she grabbed the paddles (before hands off defib with patches were available). The paddles were labled with sternum and apex to help remind the user of proper placement. She took one look at the paddles in her hands and shouted loudly "What the H%&& is an APEX?" Pt did survive but the nurse thought she was going to die of embarrassment afterward.
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    Ministers' wives and kids........hard life, man!
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    Quote from TazziRN
    Ministers' wives and kids........hard life, man!

    and a nurse-what a super woman
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    Just read Ruby Vee's story... I say it wins the prize.

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    I just thought of another funny "code" situation. I was working on a cardiac stepdown unit one day and the monitor tech yelled, "Room 109 is in V-tach!" We all went running down to the room, pushing the crash cart. At the door of her room, there stood the patient calmly shaking up a bottle of Mylanta. She looked puzzled and asked, "Where are you guys going?"
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    Not much up to par with those above, but I love when one of my docs is getting ready to intubate a drunk that we've been bagging, tilts the head back, and we get a nice big BURRRRP right in the docs face Even better when it is a new resident who hasn't yet learned to wear a mask when tubing drunks!
    Even better than that is when you have a new intern or resident that has been a know-it-all pain in the butt and that happens

    One hectic evening, I was FINALLY sitting down and gobbling down some supper when the extemely new nurse comes running in the break room and asks ?????What does a respiratory arrest look like??????? My tray went flying as my favorite pre-code epithet "Oh, Sh++"" as we ran down the hall. He survived. LOL.
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    I've had an intern (now a cardiac surgeon!) order a STAT tylenol suppository during a code. Ahh - maybe some IV meds first.
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    I've had an intern (now a cardiac surgeon!) order a STAT tylenol suppository during a code. Ahh - maybe some IV meds first.


    But maybe the pt had a fever!
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    Quote from TazziRN

    But maybe the pt had a fever!
    Actually, the pt. did have a temp. of 103.0. This was the same intern who thought we could correct the pt's blood gasses by increasing the dead space on the vent - we had vent tubing halfway down the hall (well, not really).
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    On a breakfast date in the 80s. Elderly man at the table next to us stands up, clutches his chest and falls on the floor. Check A B Cs and start one person CPR. Somewhere around the third or fourth cycle as I'm positioning to give two breaths the man opts to share his breakfast with me. Nothing to do but spit, clear his airway and carry on. In a few minutes the PMs arrived and took over. The restaurant manager handed me a glass of water and I rinsed as discretely as I could. He asked, " Are you OK." I replied, " Well the pancakes were pretty good but the eggs were a bit under done." He kinda plunked down in a chair and I was afraid he was going to be sick. Later that night when I got to my ER job my date had sent me flowers with a sign that said MY HERO. At the time I was a CPR instructor. I went on to teach classes at that restaurant and others in the area. I guess we all should carry the masks. I wonder how many of us do.
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    OH my! LOL!!!!!!! Love your reaction!!!!!!

    I have learned and always reminded...if they code, they are going to poop, pee and puke...so watch it! I have a mask handy on my nursing apron but getting the sucker out of the tight pouch and such will take a bit long when I am all adrenilined up...LOL!

    I have only done mouth to mouth without mask once...I got the airway open and ewwwwwww...dead person morning mouth! I grossed out for a milisecond, then on to breathing I went! Lucky for me breakfast hadn't been served yet! LOL!
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    A couple weeks ago we got a code announcement over the intercom: "Code 1, COR zero, first floor atrium near the vending machines. Code 1, COR zero, first floor atrium near the vending machines." I run downstairs near the vending machines to find a large man supine on the floor, major head lac and blood all over the floor. We run through a series of assessmnets, I find his wallet and get his name and also find a small glucometer and insulin supplies in a fanny pack he was carrying. When I do his blood sugar it's obvious why he's on the floor: it was in the 40's. I couldn't help it, I just started laughing. There he was, on the floor bleeding like crazy, with a blood sugar in the 40's, right next to the vending machines. I had this vision of him feeling sluggish, walking to the vending machines...gotta...get...some...sugar. Dollar...bill...too...crinkled...fading now...fading...fading...

    I couldn't help it. For whatever reason it just cracked me up. We got the guy settled, got him to the E.D. and he was fine. After all this was done I was walking back to the unit. I was still smirking to myself at the absurdity of laughing about a situation in which a person took a header due to low blood sugar. As I'm thinking about this, another announcement comes over the intercom that ties up the whole thing: "Environmental services to the first floor atrium near the vending machines. Environmental services to the first floor atrium near the vending machines."

    Started laughing again. Man, I have some sort of illness of inapprporiateness...

    OMG! Too funny! Mean, but funny