"Duties of the Floor Nurse-1887" - page 2

many may have seen this before. i thought it was interesting. i don't know how long i would have lasted with these duties. duties of the floor nurse - 1887 in addition to caring for... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    HOLY SHIP!!!!
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    rn2be2005, interesting post.
  3. by   TCW
    Thanks for sharing! I just love those historical posts. I wish I could hear more first hand accounts though.

  4. by   liberalrn
    My Mom was a nurse (OB, L&D) just after WW2. As a senior student, she was THE lone night nurse in the gen. med. ward. dunno know how many pts, but do know she had to work at noc and attend classes in the daytime (*****). Also, she used to tell me about sterilizing the gloves and putting the powder in them etc. before packing them up for re-use. She also had to stand up against the wall with her class, facing the wall and the instructors would check to see is their stocking seams were straight--if not, back the dorm to correct the prob. and a demerit to YOU!
  5. by   LoisJean
    In 1932 when my Mom was in nursing school, they were responsible for the dietary needs of their patients, too. Among all the other duties-including mopping, dusting and laundry detail, special diets were prepared ONLY by the nursing staff. Broths, teas, purees- (which were, "hand mashed and vigorously whipped")-and every other special diet food were hand made, cooked, boiled and steamed. It was the nurse's responsiblilty to be certain her patient ate- and so, not only did the nurse fix the diet she also fed her patient as well, if needed.

    Mom is 90 years old and can still recite word for word the nutrient value and receipe for diets specific for every gastric disease known to man, colic, cancers, pneumonia, arthritis and gout, dementia, all manner of skin disorders, TB and so many other infectious diseases that I can't remember them all.

    I can still recall when I was a wee girl and was sick, she would be in the kitchen chopping, boiling, mashing and mixing together all kinds of weird stuff and then hand feeding it to me!

    Lois Jean