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I am not sure if anyone has discussed this before but I think this needs action from us all.... I just went to the Secretary of State website to find out the status of my license and realized I... Read More

  1. by   KidsRNstill
    Bchboy, as a fellow Georgian, I'm with you on this--it's always bothered me about our state--a couple of years ago, my license renewal didn't come--I contacted the BON who said it had been sent to my last address---a tiny town I'd never HEARD of, much less lived in--I was worried that someone had changed my address, trying to fraudulently get a valid license. The BON didn't seem concerned about that possibility--just changed my address back to the correct one.... . PM me--I'll jump on that bandwagon, for sure.

  2. by   Miss Ludie
    You sure can in Georgia, but in SC it only lists your town. Somewhat of a condolence since if you have an odd name or if you are in a small town it won't be heard to track you down.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The city i reside in is listed, that's it.
  4. by   Agnus
    Recall the purpose of the BON is to protect the public. IT acts in the public's interest not the nurse's.
    Some states feel therefore that it is necessary and in the public interest to post this.

    Laws can be changed with enough concerted effort. If you can convince your state legislators that no useful puropse is served in posting home address and that in doing so the nurse's personal safty is in jepordy.

    If no nurse in your state has been illegially harmed because the BON post this information you will have a hard time convincing them.

    Since our addresses are easily obtanined though many routes finding even one nurse who has been harmed by the posting on the BON site will be difficult to prove. If that inforamtion is easily (and it generally is) obtanined elsewhere then you don't have much of a case to present. (just playing devil's advocate. I don't like it either)
  5. by   Agnus
    Quote from MajorAl
    I just checked for Wisconsin, not just my name but others below mine on the list. The only thing listed is the name, city and zipcode. Since both my wife and I work in a mental health setting, only our names are listed in the phone book and every system that purports to give an address only lists the city I live in, not my street address. So, anyone trying to find me has to go to more websites and hope they get successful. It doesn't bother me too much, but then again I'm a 60 year old male. I would probably worry if I was a 30 year old female.
    When was the last time you googled yourself? You might be surprised.

    Just as an aside. I found someone who did a product review on Amazon. I had a question to ask them. I googled them and found then in 2-3 minutes. No question that I had the right person. I contactaced them and amaizingly they never questioned how I found them even though on the amazon site you only give a user name when you review a product.
  6. by   WOLFE
    in jersey the city state and zip are listed along with your name and license number and expiration date.
  7. by   rpbear
    Only your name and license number with issue date, exp date are given here in NM. But like someone else stated, you can get a list in person with a valid reason of all licensed nurse with addresses.
  8. by   flashpoint
    The logic in Nebraska is that patients have a right to know who is caring for them...they have a right to know their name and they have a right to know if they have any disciplinary action against them. Therefore, they have a right to know the nurse's address so ensure that they really are (or are not) the Suzy Smith who got busted for diverting narcotics. I guess they also have a right to know that I got a 93% on my National Registry exam, while my counterpart got a 74%...those scores are really nobody's business, we all wear the same patch, but employers look at the scores when they make hiring decisions...and he is a better paramedic than I am.
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  9. by   Tweety
    In Florida we're allowed to use our employer as our home address. I didn't know that until recently and will be doing that the next time I renew.
  10. by   bchboy
    here is the reply to the letter i sent to the secretary of state, it doesn't look good for us. changing a law in ga is just rediculous.

    at least we can change it to our place of practice or a po box. i would just hate not to do anything about this and have someone hurt because of it. too bad hippa doesn't protect us.

    thank you for contacting secretary of state cathy cox's office to express your concerns regarding the public listing of address information for registered nurses on our agency's website. please know that we understand your concerns and we appreciate the opportunity to address the issue you have presented.

    in response, georgia law (ocga 43-1-2) requires the state board of nursing to make names and addresses of licensees available to the public. however, we have many practitioners who share your concerns regarding their privacy, and they are given the option to provide the board with a practice address or a post office box for the public listing. any changes to this law would require action by the georgia general assembly; therefore, if you feel that it should be changed, you may want to share your concerns with the state representative and/or senator for your district.

    if you would like to change the public or mailing address information currently on file with our professional licensing boards division, you are welcome to send the new contact information to their attention, either via mail or fax, or you may update the information online. for your convenience, each of these contact options is listed below:

    secretary of state professional licensing boards division
    state board of nursing
    237 coliseum drive
    macon, georgia 31217-3858
    phone: (478) 207-2440
    fax: (478) 207-1632

    again, we appreciate hearing from you and hope this information serves to alleviate your concerns. if the office of the secretary of state can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


    ava turner
    webmail coordinator
    office of secretary of state cathy cox
    214 state capitol
    atlanta, georgia 30334
    (404) 656-2881
  11. by   ccunurseboy
    In Indiana, not only will they hand out your street address and date of birth, but they make money from it, too! (they charge $1.00-$2.04 per record... see: http://www.in.gov/ai/appfiles/hpb-mlvs/ or if you wanted to stalk each and every nurse in the state, you could go here: http://www.in.gov/pla/bulk/ and download the entire database, starting at $150 for the first record and $10 for each 1,000 records after that.) Now that's just creepy.
  12. by   veegeern
    Quote from bchboy
    I think city and state is a little better but not if your from a town of 1200 folks. Anyway, I think it should just show your name, state, license number and if it is valid or not, any other info needs to be protected.

    I am going to start a push in the state of Ga. I have good back up from the people who started the movement that just allowed nurse practitioners to write prescriptions in Ga., just be aware of what your state is doing to you, it could be endangering you and your family.

    Thanks and I will keep you all updated.
    It was announced a few months back that GA nurses can now use a work address instead of a home address for their license posting on the internet. I'll see if I can find the source...:spin:

    Oops! Just read the rest of the posts!
  13. by   Sheri257
    Quote from NREMT-P/RN
    I always use a post office box for mail just for this reason. It is a small price to pay for a little PEACE OF MIND and SECURITY!
    True but, P.O. boxes are a hassle. This is why I have BIG dogs on my property. If someone wants to come to my house ... feel free. Good luck getting past my dogs.

    These Christian door knockers came into the yard once, ignoring the warning signs. The dogs nearly ate them alive. I'm pretty sure they won't be bothering us again.