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General Election - Better NHS??

by AQuinn AQuinn (New) New

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Is this a forum for UK or USA nurses? If it is for UK nurses I'm interested to know nurses opinions on the upcoming general election.

Who would you vote for for a better NHS?

  • Labour who promise to modernise nursing careers?

  • Conservatives who want to reduce paperwork and let nurses get on with 'nursing'?

  • Liberat Democrats who plan to give the NHS no extra funding and make better use of the resources we already have?

I know which one I like the sound of! What's your opinion?

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I've looked at all of the manifestos and I don't like what labour has turned the NHS into, not sure if I liked what the torries did either when they had control. I've nursed for over 20 years now and I truly feel that the NHS is at the lowest point I can remember. I don't think that there is much left to give so without something radical it's going to fail even more.

The conservatives have some very interesting ideas, and I do like their statement that the NHS will be less target driven, but hope this isn't at the expense of patient care.

None of the parties have indicated any great investment into the NHS which is a disappointment, but against my upbringing and previous voting history I think I may well lean towards the conservatives for this election.

I do need to read manifestos in more detail though before making my final decision


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I have only been nursing for 6 years and it is much to stressful. The paperwork has nothing to do with better patient care, its because of legalities and the increasing Suing culture. Most nurses go into nursing because they want a worthwhile job and to help others so I say we would do a better job at the bedside and not the desk. People say paperwork results in better patient care, really? I'm not so sure. Just because it's documented as being done, really doesnt mean it has been done!

Also, the NHS receives so much bad press, most patients come into hospital with a negative attitude towards hospitals and I think they have become so demanding because of this. It is also stressful because of targets and its frustrating because patient care is at the bottom of the list of priorities when it comes to targets.

I dont think any of the parties know what to do with the NHS! I think nurses should take over running of the NHS.. and then take over the country!! Afterall, we are The best multi-taskers in the world!!


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Yes the nurses party would get my vote as well :)

In respect of paperwork I find that sometimes we are our own worst enemy. In my hospital if something goes wrong then instead of dealing with the root cause they add in more paperwork another checklist. It slows nurses up and after a few weeks gets consigned to the bottom of a very large drawer. A pt went home with a venflon still in and a discharge checklist followed. A pt went to the ward with only two sets of obs being done so a transfer checklist was brought in. I could go on and on but am boring myself now!

Every election I read the manifesto's and not once have I seen them fully carried out. I now vote on the basis of experience rather than empty vote chasing promises. I have nursed with both conservative and labour governments and neither were brilliant but simply on my own nursing experiences Labour will be getting my vote :)


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Well then I suppose without checklists how would nurses know what to do!! (not).

I think really, we wouldnt need checklists if they gave us manageable workloads so that we weren't running around like headless chickens all day. If we had a higher nurse to patient ratio then surely patients quality of care would be so much better. The main reason things are forgotten about are because we have a million and one things going on at the same time, not because we don't know how to do our jobs.

My suggestion is, double the amount of frontline nurses rather than doubling the paperwork! Makes sense to me!

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i have no idea who to vote for this time. its my 2nd general election in england and i even more convinced that with all the budget constraints health and education will be cut no matter who get ins.

oh and my sitting mp is a labour minster who was caught up in the expenses scandal and not reflective of her inner city deprived seat so on principal i won't vote for her.

I actually went to the council offices to make sure i was registered to vote.


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Ok I've just cast my vote.

Tomorrow till we find out

So did I. It was like the whole village has come to life, I've never seen that many people on the street.

I didn't get an election card, so I just walked in there, said the name of my street, confirmed my name and that was that. It just seems strange, anybody from the street could have walked in and voted for me. Or me for anybody...

As I left, this tory bloke asked me for my number of register...I don't know it, I didn't have a card, but why would he want to know that? Can someone shed some light?

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I voted and i lost.

zana 2 in northern Ireland you need id to vote due to voter fraud, but voter apathy is more common in england wales and Scotland.

I was shocked when i went to vote the first time in england and them didn't ask for id i had my passport with me.

H'mm u shouldn't be asked your number you can be asked who you voted for for exit polls.

LOL, I was at the end of 10 hours straight of trauma ,the guy did ask for the number, but what he meant was obviously what you said, Ayla, did i vote for tories? LOL, I took it literally and told the bloke I have no idea LOOOOL. Crikey, I'm not sane! But I was extremely tired.


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So here we have it guys, a new government. Conservative / Lib Dem coalition.

This last 24 hours news has been as thrilling as watching a soap opera.

New Prime Minister - David Cameron.

It's going to be interesting to see what compromises they will each make.

It's been an interesting week, and I usually hate politics