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GCC Traditional Program

I am curious if anyone knows what the GCC traditonal program will be scheduled like? MON through FRI? When are clinicals?

So I just got accepted into the GCC traditional program. From the Block 1 schedule I recieved...

Lectures- Mon. & Tues. (8am- 11:15pm)

Labs- Mon. & Tues. (11:50am- 1:50pm)

Clinicals- Wed. (6:30am- 1pm)

As far as I know, the clinical portion does not begin until the third week in.

The schedule seems to be correct. But I think your missing a Thursday lab day. --it has been a year since I have been in block 1 so they might have changed it. Expect to be in uniform all 4 days, and its like a mini boot camp. :)

Congrats on getting in. Its hard - but well worth it. :)

Well I just checked and it seems it changed. Now I have lab and lecture on Tuesday and Thursday... It figures... You work your work schedule around things and they change it! I initially thought it was four days a week too, but it shows up as three???? Hmmm... Well, maybe they'll change things AGAIN lol :)

Don't be surprised if it does change a few more times... :confused: I think my block 2 schedule changes every few weeks over x-mas break.They are making some changes right now, their current block 1 coordinator is retiring and the other block instructor that also teaches, is taking over for her.

Well that's nice *sarcastically speaking* :uhoh3: Anyway, I'm excited to begin :D

They are also starting the new NAU program in the fall. As it is they have a hard time finding enough classrooms. It should really be interesting now.


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