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  1. I'm a nurse in the Outpatient Endoscopy Unit of a large teaching hospital. Our physicians continue to use droperidol when versed and fentanyl do not provide adequate sedation.
    As nurses, we became more and more concerned after the FDA issued its black box warning for the drug.
    We are now required to have a 12 lead EKG prior to the procedure and continuous cardiac monitoring of the patient for 2 hours post administration. We're still concerned about re-sedation effects.
    Anybody have any suggestions or literature that can help settle the debate within our unit.
    Anna Maria
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  3. by   EndoRN
    Wow....I don't work in a hospital setting anymore. When I did, though, we used quite a bit of drop and never had to do all that. I work in an outpatient surgery center now and our GI lab uses anesthesia sedation. It's heavenly !!
    Hope you get some answers......

  4. by   Anna Maria
    Thanks Amy....I'm still waiting for some answers so if you or anybody else come up with anything, it would be greatly appreciated
    Anna Maria
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    droperiodol has an adjunct effect , the main concern with its use is the recently discovered cardiac side effects, the hospital i work at has stopped using it almost all together.
  6. by   BadBird
    We don't use droperidol anymore, now doc's use propofol
  7. by   Nurse Ratched

    5th paragraph references an issue re: droperidol which would suggest another reason for not using it. Our psych docs stopped it entirely after the warning came out. Not having a surgery background, I didn't realize it was commonly used on your area.
  8. by   Anna Maria
    Thanks to everyone...I appreciate all your help

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