Thank you for all you do!

  1. I recently had a colonoscopy. It was my first time under anesthesia, and I am only 27, so it was a very nerve wracking experience. It became even more nerve-wracking for my wife when I started to wake up, began screaming about people who were not in the room, and then let loose with a good 20 minute heaving sob fest.

    The GI nurses not only took excellent care of me before, during, and after, but also reassured my wife that this was a normal response for a young person due to the anxiety beforehand and the complete relaxation effects of the propofol. The first thing I remember is waking up mid-sobfest and asking to hold the hand of the nurse - I was already clutching my wife's hand for dear life. She very kindly agreed and let me calm down before finishing her charting and D/C-ing me.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (And everything was fine, so I got all worked up over nothing! Embarrassing.)
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  3. by   Student Mom to Three
    You made me smile! I see my role as an endo RN to take what is a pretty crummy day for the patient and make it as decent as humanly possible. I'm glad that my fellow RNs have the same attitude and treated you so well!

    Glad to hear your procedure went well and your results were favorable! Hopefully you won't have to do it again until you are 50.
  4. by   fetch
    Yeah, the doc said "I don't want to see you until you're 50, and by then I'll be retired, so goodbye." Haha!
  5. by   brownbook
    Thank you for your thank you.

    Your post made me laugh....with you not at you! I love that kind of nursing. Holding a patients hand instead of charting. That is the "art" of nursing.