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I had my first colonoscopy last Friday. I am 46 and my mother has had two surgeries for colon CA, so I felt pretty good about being so responsible. I went to every website I could find and... Read More

  1. by   Mjeff
    It was due to recurring and increasing pain in the digestive system.
  2. by   swift125
    Skip the Versed and be sure to write: "I'm not consenting to midazolam" on the consent. Midazolam (Versed) is given to cause amnesia, has no effect on pain and is seriously implicated in long-term memory loss/PTSD even at low doses given for colonoscopy. Check out for versed horror stories. Versed is not given to: "relax you" it's a cover their **s drug that causes tempory amnesia (until the patient gets out the door)..then the fun starts..this drug is patient abuse.
  3. by   Dadeus
    I am 52 and had my first colonoscopy Friday. I read all your posts and prepared for a horrendous procedure. My experience was to the contrary- it was about as routine as I could make it. Monday, I started my low-residue diet. Thursday morning I started the liquid diet which I chose to ignore in favor of plain water. I drank two quarts during the day, took two bisocodyl tablets at noon and started the golytely solution at 3:30pm. The golytely solution was a little salty, but had no odor, bad aftertaste or weird consistency. It was just like cold water. I drank 8-9 oz every 10 minutes all at once (around 4-5 swallows) without stopping. I would not heat this with chicken broth because I think I might be inclined to sip it. Because of the low residue, bowel evacuation didn't require any pushing at all, since you are just going to fill back up anyway. Reports of anal and vaginal hemmorhoids are totally avoidable. Same with irritation. I didn't need vaseline or baby wipes. On the day of the procedure I asked the nurse to cut way back on the memory drug and the outcome was that I propped my head up on a pillow and watched (and remembered) the whole thing. The doctor gave me a small heads up when the scope turned the corner that there would be a little discomfort, but all in all it was very routine. When I left I was fully alert and didn't feel any after affects. I credit my doctor with being very skilled. Don't be afraid of this.
  4. by   Dadeus
    As a follow up, my procedure was not due to any symptoms, but just because I am over 50. My colon looked clean and in good shape. The doc found two polyps which he removed. I can see how there could be pain if I had problems prior to the procedure. I also have a very straight forward outlook to medical procedures and have found that if the personnel are professional (which they always are) I don't have a problem with who sees what.
  5. by   tewdles
    Quote from mat/childnurse
    I had my first colonoscopy last Friday. I am 46 and my mother has had two surgeries for colon CA, so I felt pretty good about being so responsible. I went to every website I could find and researched all aspects of the procedure (patient teaching, videos of colonoscopies, personal experiences, etc.) I also spoke to several people who had gone through the procedure recently including my husband and my OB/GYN. I felt very well informed and more than educated about what would happen, what I would see on the screen, and how it would feel.
    I was given Versed 2 mg and Demerol 50 mg IVP and the doctor waited until I assured him that I was groggy. Everythiing went just as I expected until just after insertion when air was instilled into my colon. I experienced some of the worst pain I have ever felt. The doctor immediately instructed the nurse to give me "25 more" which I assumed meant more Demerol. He continued the exam with me moaning in pain. I felt every mm. of my colon being blown up and navigated. I tried to watch the screen because I was really interested to see my own colon after viewing so many others in my preparation for the procedure. The pain was practically unbearable. Since then, I have had trouble concentrating and sleeping because I keep reliving this scene. I feel so duped and betrayed. All of the instructions and testimonials I read stated that there is little dicomfort and the Versed gives the patient amnesia to any discomfort that may occur. I have lamazed three children and had I known ahead of time, I would have gotten into a breathing pattern and anticipated the pain. I will know better next time. And as a nurse, I will return in 5 years because of my FH.
    I guess what I want from you guys is some validation that indeed this does occur occasionally and that I'm not alone in this experience.
    Thanks for your input. Sorry about the length of this, but I needed to vent!

    I recently had a colonscopy prior to my colectomy. I had propofol and it was the best. Not only was the procedure comfortable, but my recovery time was amazingly fast. ASK for PROPOFOL.
  6. by   eCCU
    So sorry you had this experience! i am not sure how your vitals and co morbidities relate to the administration of more pain medication. However, perharps next time you should definitely ask for "monitored anaethesia care' where the anesthesiologist adminsters propofol and any other deemed necessary medications during the procedure while monitoring your airway and cardiac status. Good luck.
  7. by   CrohnieToo
    Yes, as has been suggested you can request better sedation your next colonoscopy. Personally, I would find a different gastro between now and then to do my scopes. Your scopist obviousy got carried away w/the amount of air he felt he needed to advance the scope which indicates regardless how many scopes he's done he's not bothered to develop any skill and prefers sacrificing skill for speed.
  8. by   Grace Oz
    Had my first colonoscopy yesterday - tuesday here in Aust.

    Propofol and fentanyl were used for sedaton/pain.
    I knew nothing of the procedure and that suited me fine!
    They removed a pre-cancerous polyp.
    In no time I was awake in recovery and soon after; dressed and sitting in the lounge in a recliner chair being served sandwiches and a nice cuppa tea.

    Today -wednesday - I'm a bit "washed out", feeling tired.
    But that's ok, I'm 61 in a couple of months time - I get tired anyway!

    Propofol and fentanyl get my vote for sure!
    I'm not a believer in suffering unnecessarily.

    Because I have top level private health insurance, the whole thing was fully covered by my health insurer.

    For me, the worst part was the Picolax and colonlytley prep beforehand!

    Overall, my "intestinal road trip" with the colonoscope, was a pain free ride.

    Wish none of us ever had to experience it, but am grateful for the skill and knowledge which makes it possible for preventative action to be implemented.
  9. by   CountMeAmused
    Question for the board. Clearly survey data suggests women are weirded out by male colonoscopists (technical term)...

    1. Why do so few women inquire after moon shorts?
    2. Why do so few gastros / endoscopy centers offer them?

    I'm also curious what the board's experience is with draping. Due to the brute force of anatomy it would appear that female genitalia are exposed during a colonoscopy, perhaps unnecessarily so. Is everything covered up or is there a view for the bored anesthesist?