just an oddity i had to share....

  1. i have ulcerative colitis... i am fairly well-controlled with my asacol...knock on wood, have never needed steroids....my main quality of life complaint is the oral ulcers...(am planning on asking for topical steroids at my next followup) anyhoo...a month or so ago, i had probably 6 lesions..sore as he!!....was dying for a turkey sub with extra hot peppers..thought "sore mouth be dammed..i am having this sub..." and man o man were they hot!...and my mouth felt great after....thought hey, maybe it's the capsacin...they use it to treat neuraligias...so now, tonight i have 1 lesion...but it's nasty...and i know it means a few more will be popping up...so i thought"hmmm....i'll try putting hot sauce on it"...and i'll be dammed..after the 2-3seconds of vinegar sting...it felt good enough i could brush my teeth and everything!!!

    i am just so tickled with myself i had to share!!!
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    no kidding!!

    That is just wild! I love hot peppers--especially habeneros... wooohaaaa!!

    maybe it was one of those things where the nerves were so overstimulated that they just went into absolute refractory state, like muscle????

    Whatever-- if it works do it!!
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  4. by   anitame
    Sunny, get yourself some oral topical steroids STAT! They're magic. I've had lots of canker sores since I was a child. I tried EVERYTHING. And you're right, they HURRRTTT. Finally found Kenalog in Orabase (Triamcinalone). When I feel one coming, I put it on at night, it usually will be gone by morning. If I forget (like a dummy) and the ulcer is fully formed, the most I have to use the medicine is 2-3 nights and it is gone. I LOVE the stuff! MUCH better than 2 weeks of ulcerations, pain, trouble kissing, brushing teeth, etc etc etc.
  5. by   renerian
    Take the steriods. Should knock it out quick. I have asthma and have not had to take steriods since 97. I am also always hesitant to take them. I understand.

  6. by   anniek
    L-Lysine has been extremely effective for me and many people I know for the prevention of canker sores, if I feel one coming on I'll start taking it and continue for a few days.
  7. by   bossynurse
    I have been getting oral ulcers for 14 years ( I blame my son he is 14 and all of the sudden after he was born I started getting all of these allergies and ulcers). These are NOT canker sores. I have been to 2 ENTs, my ob-gyn cultered them once (negative), 2 dentists, 2 internal med docs. I have tried it all, L-Lysine, Kenalog in orabase, orajel, vitamins, allergy shots, viscous lidacain, etc etc etc. I finally found an ENT who prescribed an oral swish and swallow containing benadryl elixer, synlar(sp?), and tetracycline. The minute I feel them coming on I start using the stuff and they go away within a day or two. He also suggested a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I also discovered that I cannot chew cinnamon gum or eat altoids. Ive occasionally gotten ulcers on my uvula from mouth wash. NOW THATS PAINFUL!!!!!!There is some ingredient in all of these things that set me off. All any docs can say is that its from stress. HELLO, IM A NURSE.
  8. by   caroladybelle
    I have UC also.

    I recommend Kenelog in Orabase for overnight treatment. During the day, Colgate Orabase B. Also, "magic mouthwash", used for Onco mucositis - contains, depending on facility, Liquid Decadron, Benedryl, Xylocaine , nystatin and/or carafate - works nicely.

    Actually, the capsacin also frequently helps onco mucositis - however, the seeds can ocasionally wreak havoc with the bowel in UC.
  9. by   Edward,IL
    I ember reading an article years ag when I was working oncology. It had been oberved amoung chemotherapy patient's (a population of patient's notorious for painful, bleeding mouth lesions) that Hispanic patient's had a lesser frequency and lesser severity of mouth sores despite reported diets high in hot, spicey foods. Interestng.