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GALEN 2014!!

sillyy816 sillyy816 (New) New

Heyy Everyone..

I have decided to start a thread for any new people that are interested in attending Galen College of Nursing.

I have been attending this school since January 2014 and so far so good. I am in the 2 year RN program and now starting 3rd quarter and it seems like time is just flying by.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :)


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Hello there! Are you currently working while you are attending Galen? My wife is an LVN and works full time. She has looked into galen in the past but is afraid that it would be too hard on her to work and go to school. The problem is, I am a full time student who is unemployed, so my wife and I depend on her income quite a bit. She works the typical 36hr/wk shifts, so she usually has 3-4 days a week that she would be able to study and attend classes. From your experience, would it be too difficult to do both?


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Galen actually has an online hybrid program for LVNs/LPNs...I just started and all of our lecture/theory classes are online with clinicals/labs on ground in the evenings/weekends. I'm a working LPN also and I have to continue working full-time for the income. I had put off going back to school until I found out about this program but it seems as though it will really be doable with my work schedule (M-F, 8-4). I'm at the Cincinnati campus, but I think they have the online hybrid program at all the campuses.

I personally am in the 2 year program and right now for the most part the majority of people do work. I dont right now, but if she does the bridge program they have one on campus and online I'm sure that she will be able to work. Does she have all of her pre reqs done, if so that will be alot less work and classes that she has to take.

I attend Galen to! I'm in my second quarter of the RN two year program!!


Has 5 years experience. Specializes in Intensive Care and Perianesthesia Care.

Thanks for the info! As of now, she doesn't have any prerequisites completed, but she is always talking about maybe taking a class here and there at least until I graduate when she can maybe work less and take an accelerated program. That's good to hear that you are handling school and work so well, I will definitely show her this thread!

Do you know anyone that got dismissed and the they let them come back?

Can anyone tell me what kind of stethoscope we need for the lvn program? Do we need a single or double head?

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I know you posted a while back but thought I would offer some information about the online bridge program. I am currently enrolled and I had the maximum number of prerequisites that Galen would allow me to transfer (51% of total degree credits must come from Galen) so there were a couple of "easy" prerequisites that I had to retake there to meet the requirement. The nice thing if you do not have any college courses done is that you can automatically start the program and graduate within 18 months. The down side to that is that I honestly don't think it could be done successfully while working full time as an LPN. There is a myth about online courses. People think that they are easier. While I don't think there is a huge difference in the difficulty level, the online component at Galen requires extensive discussion board postings usually at least three times a week for each class and in order to answer you will need to have gone threw the materials already and these are usually due initially after two or three days into a seven day week. Don't get me wrong. This is the program that I have chosen and it works best for me. I have a four year old and a husband to care for and I work two twelves on the weekend as an LPN in Florida. It honestly is very time consuming. While I can choose what time to do my coursework during the week and save in the transit time to and from the campus for the theory portion, what is lost is the onsite lecture which translates to a lot of reading and studying time that if you are a quick learner, you may save by attending the on campus program as the discussion boards do not count as part of their final grade and therefore don't consume time that could be spent studying. It really just depends on your own circumstances at home and work and what you can swing to make it work for you. I have always had As and a few Bs and I would still caution against working full time while going to school full time. I tried that at a junior college while just starting as an LPN in the hospital. I was enrolled in 13 semester hours and ended up dropping A&P and it's lab because it was too much with working full time. I later took it the following semester at the junior college while only working on the weekends and got an A. The amount of time spent at work does influence the grade and if you're going to pay private school prices you really want to get it right the first time. Best of luck!

Hello I know it's been a while since this post but I wanted to know the price for the bridge program and what prerequisite classes should I not take at my local college since they require you take some of theirs.

NurseSpeedy, ADN, LPN, RN

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Hello I know it's been a while since this post but I wanted to know the price for the bridge program and what prerequisite classes should I not take at my local college since they require you take some of theirs.

I PM'd you some info


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Cautiously thinking about enrolling in St pete Galen hybrid lpn to RN. can u tell me aproxy how many day during week is required to travel to class? I know layer on about the weekends and that's not too big of a deal, I work full time Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 and just trying to figure out if I need to drop to 4 days a week or what... please email me if u can on here . I'm desperate to decide if this is going to work for me... thank you

Hello I'm currently in the LPN RN program and I do most of my courses on campus well this really half of them. Because I'm not a really fan of online classes but all of your prerequisites has to be done online except for the science classes which is on campus or online and of course your lab is on campus so that is usually one day that you're on campus if you doing the rest everything online until we get further along down the quarter when they at the nursing core class then that'll be like 3 days a week.

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone is currently enrolled at Galen or knows someone who is enrolled and how hard is the program, I have heard some not so good stories about the program and just want to make sure I am getting my self into something that I can manage and handle while working the weekends.. And Good luck to everyone in their nursing journey!


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As far as students who go part time what days did you usually attend?


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