GA License Endorsement Nightmares

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I’ve been trying to Endorse my NY RN license for the state of GA and it has been hell. I actually cried with frustration. The entire process is a horror, from sending my application, to getting all 3 of my fingerprints rejected. I’m now waiting for BON to review my case. Base on my research it seem the next step is for them to do a name search and to my surprise it might take up 8 weeks. My application process expires on April 29. Which means I have to resubmit another application and start the entire process. I spent money, time and energy . 
I needed to know if anyone else had went through this and I saw several nurses have. There has to be a better way for out of state nurses. 
I plan on moving to GA this Summer even if I don’t have a License yet. And perhaps can do the endorsement there. I know I will not be able to work but I have saved enough to afford to be out of a job at least 3 months .

Please advise whenever it’s  a good idea or should I wait for the move until I get my GA license.

 Thank you 


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If I were you I'd wait for the license to come through and save the "cash stash" that you'd be using to cover being without a job for an emergency.

Also, it sounds as if you don't have a pressing move deadline- do you really want to move to GA in the summertime...? 

Hi did you get any response from the board? I’m actually about to go through the same process NY to GA thinking of sending my application end of this week. Don’t have to move until September but didn’t want to wait last minute. I did the fingerprints I’m going to mail my card as well hopefully I won’t have to do it 2x 



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Just curious how things turned out? Did you end up moving to GA? If so, how do you like it so far? I’m moving there next month. I applied for endorsement from MD and it took about 1.5 months with 3-4 follow ups. Definitely not an easy or cheap process, but thankfully I’m able to get reimbursed for some of it.

Hi! Yes finally moved earlier this month. It’s OK LOL I’m still trying to get use to being here. My license was processed in exactly 3 weeks. I actually just started working this week I wanted to make sure I was settled and good to do before accepting any position. The pay off course it totally different from what I’m used to jn NY but the cost of living is cheap but I’m satisfied with the salary I negotiated other than that it’s not bad. I’m in the Gwinnett county.