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Funny Billboards


Come on, we all have seen them, Billboards that cause you to loose control of your car because you are just laughing histerically. My Favorite, see outside of Hartsford Conneticut on I-84 for a Holiday Inn, I guess the guy putting up the billboard mixed it up by accident, but it read: "Seniors Eat Kids Free.

Then for you who have driven I-95 through the carolina's the billboards for South of the Border. Anyone else have some billboards to add?



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i've seen the south of the boarder stuff.what a trip. i can do you one better tho. today i learned that an office building that is fairly new in the last 5 years has a window configuration that when seen from i95 in new london ct spells out tit esp at night when the lights are on inside the building. i have never seen it but, now that i know ,i will have to drive down to the shoreline to see for myself. :rotfl:

Not a billboard, but I still wanted to get a pic and send it to a late night show,one of the buildings is now gone, so a missed opportunity, but it is still funny.

At one time we had a Veteranarian in one building and right next door was a Taxidermist.

Maybe it's just me--but I thought frigging hiliarous. :rotfl:

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Taxidermist: "We really know our stuff"

Pastry shop: "Get your buns in here!"

Septic service: "We're #1 in the #2 business"

Dry cleaner: "Drop your pants here"

Towing company: "We dont' want an arm and a leg, just your tows"

Window cleaners: "Your pane, our pleasure"

Chimney sweep: "We kick ash!"

Muffler shop: "No appointment necessary. We'll hear you coming"

Car wash: "We take a bite out of grime"

Massage studio: "It's great to be kneaded"

Bakery: "While you sleep, we loaf"

Plumber: "A good flush beats a full house"

Vacuum store "Business sucks"

I don't know if this is funny to anyone else, but around my neck of the woods, I was seeing billboards everywhere that were neon green with huge black lettering that said "Bald is NOT Beautiful!!" Rather than amusing is was mindboggling to figure out what these were for. A couple of weeks later the signs changed to say, "We found the cure for baldness!!" Sitting here thinking there is a new hair regrowth drug on the market, I as a nursing student became more interested in what these neon colored billboards were going to say next. Another couple of weeks passed and I had my answer. " We have the cure for baldness, Free Tires for Life" Advertised by the local Toyota dealer to promote the sale of new cars. There's strange for ya. Meredith:rotfl:

We have a hair salon: CURL UP AND DYE. We also have a fitness center by a bakery that says: He who eats sweets, takes up two seats, He who runs get's small buns.


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I saw something several years ago that still makes me smile whenever I think of it. There's a small, seedy bar not too far from where I live and in 1999 their sign said, "We are Y2K compliant." :p

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We have some that advertise Oakwod's new ER. One is "How do you like my pink hair mom?" and underneath is the legend, "Oakwood's cardiac care for women"

Another one is "Watch how fast I can chop this onion!" Underneath is "See a doctor in 30 minutes or less at our ER"

"I think I'll try out the kid's new skateboard" and the ad is for orthopedic surgery.

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Well this might be regional humor but a couple of years ago when Jeff George left the Falcons (acrimoniously), one of the local radio stations put a billboard of him in his uniform with the title of that song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "Don't Come Around Here No More". It was too funny to me!

This one is a set of Billboards in Ft. Lauderdale, FL....

On US 1 coming out of the airport, there is a big "Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale" sign. The next billboard right behind it is a naked man covered only with post-it notes in the "naughty places"...its an add for a local gay bar.

Welcome to Ft.Lauderdale...come see naked men!!! =0)

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