Funniest thing a new co-worker asked you?


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Working as a PCT in the emergency dept. I had a nurse hand me a blood gas to take to the lab, just in a bag.

I said, "It needs to be on ice first," to which she responded. "No, that is a room air blood gas, which means it doesn't go on ice." :uhoh21:

I just stared at her, not sure what to say... she then reiterated that it was a room air blood gas and didn't need to be iced, I told her I was verifying that with the Doc first... He promptly corrected her. :no:


Same nurse, different day... calls me over and hands me a requisition to get 2 units PRBC's from the blood bank and says, "Now make sure you get the red blood, not the other kind." :bugeyes:

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