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I keep reading that we should do about 100 NCLEX questions a week, but where do you find

that many questions?

I have Saunders Comprehensive Review, Fundamentals Success, Test Success, and Fundamentals of Nursing Study Guide and with these I don't think there is enough questions.

What else should I use? Is there a webs site?

Thanks Tina

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Buy more NCLEX books. It is def worth the investment... there are only so many ways a question can be asked... if you do enough questions on a subject.. you'll run into nearly every way it can be asked.... which will mean you'll see questions on your NCLEX that are very similar.

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I use NCLEX cd's that came with some of my books

Can you recommend other NCLEX books.


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There's a ton of websites that have review questions. (if your school uses ATI)

Do a YAHOO search for NCLEX practice questions and a bunch of websites should come up. Also if your textbooks came with CDs, they may have ?'s. As well as at the ends of the chapters of your textbooks will have ?'s too. Saunders has a good Q&A book (the orange one).

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