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the other day in the acute psychiatric unit there was a female patient, who was there for problems related to hyper sexual behaviour.

her worst experiment within the unit was with one of the new junior resident, ron.

he was in the nursing station, writing some instructions and going thro the file. our madam came to him and sat on the counter and was trying to seduce him. he kind of looked too busy and didn't raise his eyes from the file. she kissed him. again no reaction!! ok! then she put her hands in his jeans pocket! no reaction!!!

she exclaimed, 'what a man!' and left. she just had to leave the scene and our romeo collected all the papers and ran out of the unit.

i'm sure i don't have mention how the team, who were watching this show holding their breath (read it as laughter), reacted then!! hi hi....:)


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Oh boy - I would have rolled on the floor, laughing! I wonder what that poor resident was thinking? I guess, he won't go into psych - EVER!


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poor Romeo :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :chuckle


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would have LOVED to see that hehe


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I love a joke, and I hate to be a killjoy, but there's a serious aspect to this, once you get past the resident's discomfort. Embarrassing a resident is one thing, but how will the patient feel about having been allowed to behave in such a manner, especially so when it was avoidable? Presumably she was in hospital because she could not control her "hyper" behaviour, and those who should have been protecting her during this phase of her illness did not.

Another worrying aspect of this story is the sexist attitude of the staff implicit in her treatment. Her overtly sexual behaviour is somehow tolerated because of her gender. Not to put too fine a point on it, if the genders were reversed, would the story still be funny? "Female intimately touched by amorous male psych patient" sounds more like a tabloid headline. I hope it is just a story. Rant over.


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True what Dpnmurray says. Don't know: thats the way our society is based, i guess.

Did this actually happen or is it just a joke(made-up story)?

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