FUN! Interactive Trauma Scenarios

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i was searching the internet for icu procedures and information for the student nurses and ran across this site and thought it should be shared with you all:

it is from and is a fun interactive site of patient scenarios where you get to test your trauma treatment skills! your adventure begins with this: "a call breaks the quiet of the early morning trauma room. the on scene paramedics inform you that they are with a 26 year old male who was the restrained driver (no airbag) of a saloon car that had an argument (at 50mph / 80kph) with a telegraph pole and lost. the driver has been trapped in the car for around 30 minutes but is now free and has an open leg wound that is bleeding copiously and he is somewhat aggressive (glasgow coma score 14 - e4v4m6. they will be with you in ten minutes." from thereon you are presented with choices of actions to take. as i deliberately chose the wrong actions i laughed and laughed at the responses that came up on the screen. talk about learning priorities . . .don't choose too many wrong answers or the program sends you back to the start.

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OMG that is freakin hilarious! This is going to keep me entertained all night thanks!

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This was a hoot!

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