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full or part time?


I need my prerequisites for nursing. In wondering if I should go part time or full time? I'm running daycare right now and would like to continue to work just not sure I can carry the load. I have 2 children and my husband travels for work.

Full-time coursework (that is, 12 credits per semester) is A LOT on top of what you've got going on. Particularly since pre-requs typically involve some lab classes as well. You might find some of them need to be scheduled at times when you are supposed to be at work, or your husband is not available for the children. Make sure you have an extremely reliable back-up for childcare for your own children for when you cannot miss class (you CANNOT miss class, I'll make this easy!) and your husband is unavailable. Then make sure your backup has a backup.

Only you can know for sure how much workload you can take, but I would suggest your first semester take just one or two courses, so you can see how it feels, then go from there. People do all kinds of things I think is too much, but turns out it's possible :)

Again, can't stress enough having a strong list of child care support as your instructors do not care WHY you missed class......just that you missed it.

I have a full time office job M-F, luckily my boss lets me come in really early every day so I can get my 40 hours in. I never thought I would get used to coming into work at 6:30 every morning but I am making it happen. Since I already have a degree I only have 6 or so classes to take before I can apply to the nursing program. I took two classes which ended up being only 7 credits this semester. One semester 10 years ago I took 18 credits just to finish my business degree. I wasn't working full time but I was probably still working around 30 hours a week. That semester doesn't even compare to my current semester with chem and anatomy. With labs in both classes and the amount of studying and memorizing I will admit that I am overwhelmed. I've decided that for the next two semesters I am only going to be taking one class, it adds a semester on to when I thought I would finish but I am ok with that. I would suggest starting with a class or two and seeing how it goes. After a semester you should be able to figure out how much you are able to put on your plate. Good luck!!

Hi Lindsay. I too run a daycare and am starting my classes in a couple of weeks. would love to keep in touch.

I would recommend taking a semester part time around 6 to 9 hours to see how it feels and how you handle it. If all goes well you could go to full time the next semester with a significant amount of confidence. Best of luck!