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so frustrated!


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Hello, everyone. I am LPN who is currently working on home care settings, to be honest I do not like my job, I like my profession but not the setting I am working. I am trying to go for my BSN but it seems impossible. I graduated from High School in 2006, I went for a LPN diploma at a Local high school and got my License. Now I am planning to go back to school but I do not know what to do. I am considering George Mason University, Chamberlain Collegue of Nursing, or NVCC which as far as I know it takes forever if you do not have all the prerequisites. I do not know what to do? :( I feel between the sword and the wall. I cant make my mind where to go, I am so scared of testing, I graduated so long ago that I do not feel confident anymore. All Universities or collegues ask for HESI, ACT, or TEAS test and to be honest I have not take any of that my entire life. I can"t afford to go to Chamberlain it is too expensive and George Mason is hard to get in as well due to being public. I went to their GM website and everything has to be done online, Any advice will be greatly appreciate it.

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NVCC may take less time because it's an ADN, not a BSN. Why don't you start taking some pre-requisites like A&P I or II? See how it goes.


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Thanks Pixie.Rn i will began looking into that! I already waste 3 years after getting my Lpn not going back to school! I need to get my engine going! The only problem I see is that there are not in person information for NVCC! Do you know how to register for prerequisites work?


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You can go to MeC campus to see advisor at student services, they will look at your stat and give you more info