I am getting frustrated with the search for a nursing school. This semester I took A&P 1, Fundamentals of Chem, General Psych and Nutrition.

I got a B in Chem, and A's in Psych and Nutrition; but because of an issue with a professor 10% of my grade in A&P was deducted and I ended up with a C (my average without the deduction was an 88%). I talked to the Dean (who sided with the professor) and did everything I possible could to bump the grade up. In the end I decided to just move on with my life because I knew it wouldn't affect any academic scholarships, my status on the Dean's List, or anything like that. It was just a slap on the wrist.

During this last semester I applied to a small private school. I was all set to go, counting down the measly 85 days until I moved into my dorm room, and then I got an email that just shattered my plans. "You are no longer eligible to receive your Cal Grant or the Pell Grant" (a total of $15,000 that was the only reason I could feasibly attend the school without strapping myself in over $140,000 in debt by graduation). So I'm staying at my Community College and continuing to live at home, trying to keep a positive attitude and make the best of things.

Now I'm looking for a few NS's to apply to in the Fall and I'm just getting more and more frustrated realizing that I'm just not going to get in with a C in A&P 1.

My Plan B is to apply to 2-3 NS in the Fall. If I don't get in then I'll finish out some sort of Pre-Med degree at a state school and then apply for both an Entry Level MSN and Med School.

What do you guys think?

Any encouragement or advice is welcome. Thanks :-)


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I just got into a private University with a C in A&P. I to had an issue with the professor, I was going to do it over but kept it. I did all my pre reqs at a community college then transferred. Now I start my BSN in the fall. Just keep at it. Stay at your community school, do all your pre req's & transfer. I have 3 kids, a house, and I get loans. It can be done, just change in plans. Good Luck!!

Just retake the A&P class to replace your grade. I would try to take a different professor though. If the class hasn't affected your GPA too much then I wouldn't worry about it. In my area NS looks at your overall GPA not your science classes.


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Yeah the C only affects my GPA a tad. I'm at a 3.52 now and I'm going to KICK BUTT this and next semester so my GPA is only going to go up! So I'm going to keep it, I would have to transfer community colleges to keep it and at the two nearest schools (2.5 hour drive away) the professor I just took is the only one who teaches the not very helpful.

Thanks for the encouragement :-)


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Your gpa seems high enough, not to effect your pell grant status, why can't you take another semester or year and get the grant to go to RN school. Most school will only average a C with a repeat, usually can only R/D a D or F.

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why not try a Public University? I know some people got preference but know that schools do NOT look at 1 individual subject they look at your Science GPA and Overall GPA and TEAS results so just that wont blow your chances. Finish all your prereqs first at the community college to bump up your Overall GPA then apply should increase your chances of getting in.


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I should apply to NS with a 3.5 or 3.6 so I feel pretty good about that :-) Thanks for the advice!