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so i had a "proficiency" for health assessment ..we had to know how to do the basic exam and then abdomen, CVS/PVS, & respiratory system.

we had to memorize all three and then we were told to pic a scenario out of a hat & then do that scenario plus the basic exam.

i got respiratory which was the hardest one and bombed it big time. im extrememly discouraged right now and im about ready to drop out of school.

they told us in class while teaching us this stuff that we will never use it in practice..ever. things like percussion, measuring livers, bronchophony , egophony and other things like that... i think they should have spent more time on teaching us the basic exam but thats just me.

i feel like an idiot and want to cry.


Don't be so hard on yourself. You cannot change today, this day is over, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again tomorrow by learning what went wrong today.

we are going over heart and lung sounds as well right now. I dont know why a teacher would teach you something and then say, "You'll never need this". What did you have trouble with? Did you just not know how to perform the tests correctly? I struggle with the heart, but I have went back to my old A&P books and am re-teaching myself. If you REALLY want to be an RN like I do, you won't give up. You can't let one bomb put you down--I bombed my first Health Assessment test two weeks ago, and I cried like a baby, but I didnt let it stop me. You just have to keep on and keep telling yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!

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