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:cry: Can anyone help me?? I am a newly licensed practical nurse finding it EXTREMELY hard to find employment in the state of NY!!! I have had my resume updated and reviewed by a professional ( I thought maybe my resume was the problem) but the problem seems to be the employers!!! NO NEW GRADUATES...most facilities are making it clear they don't want New Grads! I really don't understand that concept.....you have to be trained according to what facility you'll be working anyway (everybody seems to operate different), you (the nurse) will already have the basic knowledge, not to mention NEW GRADS have the most recent experience....I have had call backs from agencies only. So I said ok I'll go with an agency (just to get the experience) now they are stating their clients want only Experienced LPN's!!! I have been offered a job at a well-known hospital in the city but not as a LPN....as a PCA. I didn't just complete an nursing program for 1 yr to be a PCA, but then again I need to work I have bills what do I do? I have been told to hold out a little longer to see if an LPN job comes through, but my bills are suffering!!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME???:cry:


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Its the same situation where I live. I recently got my LPN license and was lucky to land a job with the county doing H1N1 vaccines. I don't know how long this job is going to last so I am applying for my old job.

Situation sucks.


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Where are you in NY? Have you tried medical offices? Check the local paper and craigslist. I have seen several ads for my area.

So do you think it would be wise for me to take the PCA job?

I live in Brooklyn, but willing to travel to Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester...I drive and actually I'm in Brooklyn temporarily, I plan to move back to the NE BX, close to Westchester. I use CL and Indeed.com, Career Builders everyday. I have applied to over 33 places; agencies, facilities, hospitals, and medical offices...I've tried them all, and I get the same response NO NEW GRADS!!!


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I have heard stories about it being hard to find employment in NYC. Good luck! If the hospital that uses PCAs also hires LPNs, it may be your way in the door. You know, make contacts, impress them, then get a job in a couple of months as a LPN. If you decide to take it, check and see if they are willing to offer you a LPN position when one becomes available.

Thank you I will take that advice, as a matter of fact I applied for an LPN job that they had posted a few days ago, so taking the job might just work out in my favor. Thanks for your input I really appreciate it.:yeah:


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Where are you in NY? Have you tried medical offices? Check the local paper and craigslist. I have seen several ads for my area.

Trust me, that's a dead end too, she can always check!

After applying to an abundance of places for an LPN position today I was offered 4 different positions!!!! I can't believe it:yeah:. I have one more interview to go to tomorrow and depending on how it goes I'll be making my decision then.....I can't believe I went from being rejected because of my NEW LICENSE to 4 offers!!!!:smokin: Persistance really pays off. To all of you NEWLY LICENSED NURSES keep on trying it will pay off...I'm living proof!!!!:yeah: