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frustrated with internship


I am in an ICU internship and for the most part it is great, but I am having trouble getting practice with vent patients and it all has to do with assignments, so I will get put in CCU with my preceptor and I end up not being able to take 2 patients or vent patients. I feel I need the experience with the vent patients because once I am off orientation I will be in ICU, not CCU. I am also a little disappointed as far as the skills go. I would like to have more time to practice putting A-lines together etc.. before I actually have to do it on a real person. Am I expecting too much? I am beginning to feel like this is alot like nursing school, basically learning everything on your own. So that is how I will be spending my weekend-studying everything I can about lines, etc.. in the ICU.

jessi1106, BSN, RN

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Sorry, I don't have any ICU orientation experience...

Have you voiced your concerns?

I hope things are getting better...

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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I am really proud of you for taking responsibility for your own learning!:yeah: You're well on your way toward becoming one of those 'expert' nurses who serve as role models for new grads.

Take a look at the documents that outline the goals & objectives of your internship. They should include the skills you need to accomplish. If you do not feel that you are making significant progress, I would advise contacting the nurse educator who supervises your program. As a nurse educator, I can pretty much guarantee that your concerns will be taken seriously. There are many different creative options that could be used to provide you with the ventilator management practice you need. I used to arrange for "my" new grads to spend a couple of shifts with the respiratory therapists who manage ventilators in ICU - it worked out very well for everyone.

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congrats on getting an ICU internship. I remember reading your post in the NCLEX forum! Well i think your doing great, tough it out girl. I know things seem rough in life right now, but dont give up. Your going to get a lot of experience as a nurse good and bad. Each and everyday is a test on your skills, your patience, and tolerance. You can do it!

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