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This is where I leave this discussion. ....disappointing to see when things don't workout your way the conversation about the school turns ugly. We are either were accepted, waitlisted or not accepted. It's called life...everything does not always work in your favor. I might not ever come off the waitlist but that does not mean I would bad mouth the school or come up with accusations because i am mad i didnt make it. On that note...good luck ladies.


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Ma'am excuse me but we are free to express however we feel it's America!! just like you did. it wasn't the fact that we didn't get accepted or wait listed it's the fact that there was lack of communication! Geesh if this had happened to you, you'd be singing a different song. Nobody bad mouth the school we were speaking of our experience. And ultimately this conversation did not warrant your RUDE response!!! How coward of you to make such a statement then say you're finished with this post. Really???


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Call the school. I kept communication via email and phone followup. Don't give up this school has good reviews.


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I GOT IN OFF THE WAITLIST!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I'm an ICU nurse from New York City! Anyone else traveling down from where I am?

SOOOO EXCITED! See you all soon!


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Congrats :)


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My friend got accepted off the wait list but he's probably going to decline now.

Specializes in Geriatrics/family medicine.

started the application process will see if they reply back to me in a timely manner then see which school fits when I want to start

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