French nurse student look for "penfriend"


Hi everyone!

First, sorry for my english...

I'm Judith and I'm a french nurse student (second year of study).

I'm 27 and I'd like to correspond with other american nurse student.

I'd like to know a lot of things about studies, job in hospital, nurse career in USA, and I'd like improve my english..

I'm fascinate about nurse science around the world.

If you have any question, I will answer with great pleasure...

See you soon


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I'm Danielle and am 20--soon to be 21. I will be starting my nursing program this fall.

Your English is fine, don't worry. :)

So, why did you choose nursing?


J'aime parler francais, alors je peut aidez-vous avec votre anglais!

Do you like nursing school in France? What areas do people want to work in in France?

A plus tard! :)

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J'aime parler francais aussi, mais je ne parle pas beaucoup francais.

Sadly, I don't go to school in France, so I wouldn't know what its like in France. I study in Northern Michigan. What is it like in France? And are you originally from the US?


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Thanks for all replies!

Well, Danielle, I choose nursing beacause I like help, meet people. I love to work as a team and I love the technical angle of nursing too.

Before, the studies I was petty officer in the French Navy and I wanted to go back at school after my army experience.

Congratulation for nursing school acceptance!

You, why did you choose this job?

In USA, How can you join a nursing school???

In France, you must pass exam to finish High school (at 18 years old) and after you must pass an entrance examination.

ooottafvgvah, merci d'avoir ecrit en français! Je peux t'aider pour t'ameliorer si tu le souhaites.

I like the french school but it's little hard!

In france, the studies are 39 months long, we go 1 month at school and the next month we go to hospital (every time in a different speciality).

The clinical period are very interesting!

In USA, how are organized the studies?

A lot of my friend want to work in cardiology, intensive care or as paramedic with firemen.(I don't know if you understand because the french emergency are a lot different than american one).

In my case, I want to continue my studies to become an anesthesist nurse (2 years more), I don't know if this speciality exist in USA.

See you soon


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Anyone else to talk about US studies with me???


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Hi Judith!

Nice to meet you! Before nursing, I used to have time to practice French, not anymore!

I am in my first year of my nursing studies. I really like it, and I am amazed by how much I have learned. Like you, I too am interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist! :)

What area of nursing do you think you want to go into? What are you studying at the moment? We have our first clinicals next month. I am very nervous, but excited too.

Feel free to contact me whenever you like. :)


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Hi Misslolalady!

Thanks for your reply!

Nice to meet you too!

At this moment, we are studying psychiatry (psychosis, manic depression ans psychopath) because in France there are not psychiatric nurse as speciality so we must study it.

We are studying endocrinology (?) too and all the time we are studying anatomy, pharmacolgy, care plan , nurse diagnosis, psychology, communication, legislation about nurse practice.

When we finish to study a speciality, we must pass an examen and after we start an other speciality.

I don't know if that's clear because my english is poor.... :(

I can't get the meaning of "area of nursing ". Is it the speciality? Or is it the place to work as surgery, medical, pediatric, psychiatry, emergency, intensive care......?

In my case I'd like to work in a cardiology intensive care unit until I will be able to go back to school for anesthesist nursing.

And you what are you studying????

How long are nurse studies in US?

How long are clinical period?

See you soon.

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Hello Judith!

I am 44 years old and have been a nurse for 18 years. I work as a traveling hemodialysis charge nurse.

Just a few minutes before I saw this thread, I was thinking about the French health care system, and wondering about nurses and nursing in France.

I would be happy to correspond with you if you would like.


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I understand that your all trying to make the OP feel welcome but please could I respectfully request that all members post in English as per the terms of service of the site.


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Your English is great! Believe me, I would never be able to figure out how to say any medical terms in French!

Yes, "area of nursing" is the specialty you choose. Cardiology would be a great place to work! (the heart is my favorite organ:wink2:) I used to work as a volunteer in a Cardiac Care/cardiovascular intensive care unit.

As for schools in the US, most are 2-3 years long. The one that I am in is 23 months. (Only 19 months to go...) The program that I am in is set up a little differently than other schools. The class I am in now is called, "Foundations of Nursing", we're just studying very basic things. I start my first clinical experience next month, I am very nervous! Next class is Medical/Surgical 1.

I hope that you are well! Take care!



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Judith, I, too, am looking for a pen friend, in French to practice! I, too, am trying to work in an ICU. I am new to all nurses. Do you facebook or e-mail as well?

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