French nurse hoping to work in the US


Hi everyone!!

My husband and I would like to live in USA. I work in France for 7 years

I have two questions with no answer.

Are there still some hospitals who sponsor visas for foreign nurses?

If yes, in which state, and how long does it take? And if I get a green card, my husband can find a job (as a teacher) or he should also make a request?

Thank you for your help! :nurse:


loriangel14, RN

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Your starting point would be to apply for a nursing license in the state that you want to work in. You have to meet their requirements and pass the NCLEX. Then you will need to find an employer that will sponsor you for a visa.

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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From what I have read in another BB teaching in the US is extremely hard to get into. Your husband may have issues and will need to have his teacher training reviewed and further courses to take to convert to US requirements.

As mentioned starting point would be meeting a state's nursing requirements and passing NCLEX before looking for a employer

JustBeachyNurse, LPN

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Unless your husband is qualified to teach science or math, especially dual qualified special education & science or math for middle (grades 5-8) or high/secondary (grade 9-12) it's near impossible to get a teaching job. And even if he met those requirements aside from proving English language proficiency the credentials would need to meet US standards (not likely from what I understand). Many new teachers in the US work just above minimum wage as instructional assistants to get into the districts. University level specialized professors may be eligible for temporary sponsorship as a visiting professor but it may not include work rights for spouses.

There are hundreds of teachers seeking work. Sadly not enough science, math and special education teachers to fill the demand.