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I found this link today to a free NAT practice test. I got an 86%. Those stupid pattern questions get me everytime!!

Let me know how yall do!

:cool: Jen


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Well.....I got a 74%. The math and sequencing did me in. I got 26 out of 35 right and with some study will make a GREAT Nurse!! :) :D :D

Not bad for a first year, second semester student!!

Dang my bi-focals and my fingers make me spell words wrong! :imbar

I am compulsive when it comes to drives me CRAZY!!


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I took a 91%. I am working on pre-reqs right now and hoping and praying to get into the nursing program Fall '04.

Sarah Kat

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I got 31 out of 35 89%. I probably would have done better if I weren't watching tv! :D


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33 out of 35 here = 94%

I wish I knew of this before I took the NET test, seems like it was similar in a way!!

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Thanks for the link! I also got 30/35 = 86%. The first two pattern questions got me, I knew the last pattern were factors of 180, but what were the first two patterns? :confused:


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Question, I can not find the link to the NAT practice test once I follow your listed link. I am taking the NAT Friday the 28th and I would love to check out a practice exam. Where do I go after following your link? Thanks so much,:nurse:


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Closing this thread as it is seven years old and the link may no longer be active.

To the previous poster, you might want to do a Google search for Nursing Aptitude Test practice exams or ask someone at the school to which you are applying if there are any practice exams available online. Wishing you success on the exam!

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