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FREE Hilton hotel rooms for ANA members thru 5/31/20


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From ANA membership email:

Hiltion providing up to 1 million free nights for ANA members responding to COVID-19 -good until May 31st


ANA has partnered with American Express to offer one million free room nights at Hilton hotels to ANA members. We are excited to announce that ANA members have reserved over 90,000 room nights in the 18 days since the program began! The overwhelming response to this program, continues to show how important it is to our members to keep their family and loved ones safe during this time.

We want to remind you that you have until May 31 to take advantage of this great benefit! We thank you for your efforts to treat those with COVID-19 and hope that this program helps give you some peace of mind.

Here's how it works:

Click on this link to visit the ANA Hilton Free Room Offer page. https://ebiz.nursingworld.org/Login?returnurl=https://www.nursingworld.org/my-account/one-million-rooms/?utm_source=allmember&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hilton&SSOL=Y

Since this page is only available to ANA members, to reach this page you must log in using the email and password associated with your active ANA membership.

Read the information on the page (including the link to the Frequently Asked Questions document) and click on the "Redeem Now" button.

Search the Hilton portal for available rooms. All rooms labeled "$0" are free.

Select a room reservation for up to 7 consecutive nights at Hilton hotels across the US.

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I remember in nursing school our professors encouraged us to join professional nursing organizations like the ANA. Only when I became an actual nurse did I realize the ANA was a pro-corporate front that is never at the vanguard of fighting for nurses' interests like the NNU and the local unions are. I would never join the ANA. It's a racket where the top brass are buddy-buddy with the hospital organizations' boards and K Street lobbyists. What has the ANA ever managed to do for the nursing community lately?

Interesting. I got free hotel rooms from AACN instead.