i am freaking out...anyone from MA who took Nclex

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i just took my nclex RN exam, june 18 2009 at 12 pm. and i am waiting for my quick results. as of now my results are not available yet on pearsonvue but some people suggested i check out the massachusetts board of nursing website to check if maybe my license came up already....can anyone help me out?

is this the webiste? https://licensecheck.hhs.state.ma.us/mylicenseverification/Search.aspx

because some states post up peoples licenses with number already in about 24 hours after the exam? i am getting terribly worried...maybe i will be the first person and only person to have the pearson vue trick not work....i got the pop up and i was not able to go into the credit card page!


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Relax and wait for your results. Hope for the best and good luck.

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