Fraser Health New Grad Program Questions



4 months ago I signed up for the new grad program at Fraser Health. To this date and since my pre-screen interview, they have sent my resume to only two hospitals. I have called many times to ensure my resume was up to par (they told me it was quite good) and to make sure I was not missing any information that would delay getting an interview.

Their website is vague and the contact info seems to route through many middle(wo)men. I have not been given all the information nor do I know my responsibilities in full.

I am wondering if anyone here who reads this and has gone through the Fraser Health New Grad program and shed some light on how long it 'usually' takes (or how long it took you) to land a job and let me know what my responsibilities are. I wish I could call and ask but the 1st tier in contact seems to be as knowledgeable of the program as I am.

I am thinking of getting out of this program and going out on my own but 3 months is a lot of time invested.

What are your thoughts of the Fraser Health New Grad program?




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I've heard of a few people who were apart of the program and it took several months for anything to happen, then others who heard back right away. Seems a little bit unorganized to me.


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I applied for this program as well. I have sent back all of the forms and it has been about a week and I have not heard anything yet. Josh, have you applied for Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)?


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Hello I am just wondering if you managed to get a nursing position with Fraser health? I currently live in Edmonton and planning to move there after I graduate this year within the Abbotsford, Chilliwack areas.I am wondering how the job situation for nurses is there? especially for new grads


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Can you move anywhere in canada with this program,?