Found Out I have Osteoarthritis in my neck.


I have been a nurse for many years and have been having pain from lifting. Had MRI and was told I have OA in my neck .I was told repeated lifting will cause it to be continually irritating it. I have had prednison and it did help but the minute I life it all starts again. Now should i get coritizone or switch to a different job with no lifting. I love bedside nursing but I dont want to hurt myself further. would really appreciate some opinions on this. Thanks.


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CRAP!I hope you get better and get the support you need from your workplace!


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osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition...if lifting causes you pain, maybe it's time to think of a different job setting....not something anyone wants to be "forced" into, but you need to think of your health and quality of life...

Many of us older nurses have osteo-arth. If you are not on coumadin, ibuprofen helps. Always ask for help when needed, use lift devices. Supervisory positions might be less stress on the joints.


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Above all, keep smiling!!! :D

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Only textbook nurses are complete and perfect, and who would want to live in a texbook? What are no-lift policies for, if not to be used to retain your expertise?