Fort Kent, Maine. ANYONE????

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Interested in any info about Fort Kent, Maine. Can anyone help me out??

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I work in Dover Foxcroft ME, that's pretty close. Can I help you?

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I spent a few years in that area. Ft Fairfield, Caribou and Presque Isle. What information are you looking for?

I'm actually interested in any info at all. I'm thinking of heading that way, possibly to work, and know nothing of the state, town, hospital, cost of living, etc. If anyone could fill me in at all, that would be great!! I know a doctor out there, and would like to work with him again.


Here's the chamber of Commerce site for Fort Kent, ME.

I think that the cost of living is low and pay may be comparable. It's farming country, close to Canada. Beautiful in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter. The sky is huge and the stars are brighter then any other place I have been.

A Maineiac,


It sounds like exactly what I need!! I appreciate the info.

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