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Fort Collins/Loveland Emergency Department?

I have been a travel nurse for five years and I am ready to settle down. I have whittled my list down to four places - Flagstaff, Reno, Fort Collins/Loveland, or Tampa. I eventually want to get back into flight nursing - but I need to sharpen my trauma skills again (I have traveled to a lot of small community hospitals during the last five years). I was hoping someone could give me the inside scoop on Fort Collins/Loveland. I'm looking for an ED that is well run, good relationship between staff - docs, nurses, management; has lots of support staff, offers lots of educational opportunities, max of four patients to a nurse.... And I don't want a facility that deals with just drunks and drug addicts with the occasional trauma. As far as the city - I'm looking for an enviromentally friendly city (recycles, public transport), lots of outdoor activities (natural beauty), and lots of indoor activities when it gets cold (movies, mall, plays, restaurants). Must be dog friendly. I am a single, thirty something female - so I need a place where I can make friends my age. I'll be renting a place - but I would like the payrate to match the cost of living. With that in mind - how much does a nurse with ten years make? I am also planning to go back to school - so I was wondering if there is a master's program in the area.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for all who reply.

I am also a bit curious about Loveland/Fort Collins area. I'll be graduating in May and am looking to relocate to a progressive community that is good to raise a family in with ample outdoor activites.

Been looking at PVH and MCR. Anyone familiar with these hospitals?? Do they hire New Grads outside of their "New Grad" Positions. As of now there are no New Grad openings. I'll be taking a trip out there for Thanksgiving to check the area and hospitals out. Any other suggestions for employment?? I have an EMS and ER tech background with lab experience and urgent care clinic experience and would ideally like to get a job in an ER. Do you think my experience would count towards an ER position right of School?? Anyway, sorry to mooch on your post but it was good timing.

Would love to hear any info you all could tell me about Fort Collins/Loveland and the area hospitals.


hope3456, ASN, RN

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I lived in fort collins and worked for PVH as a RN.....I know I have posted on this board several other times (in regards to northern CO) that there really isn't a 'nsg shortage' in this area. There are several nsg schools in the area so i think that it makes it especially competitive for new grads. I really don't mean to be negative I just hope people realize this BEFORE moving to the area b/c i knew other health care workers (who relocated) who were very frustrated with the limited job prospects in the area......Fort collins is a very choice place to live and i wouldn't be one to say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get hired with PVH or Banner, if you do congrats they are both good hospital systems. If you want more info about pvh or fort collins PM me.

~Mi Vida Loca~RN, ASN, RN

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I can't speak for the hospitals and working for them because I am not a nurse yet, but I can speak for the area. I have lived all over the country and this is the first place I totally feel like I can stay for the long haul. I can not say enough good things about Fort Collins, I LOVE it here. There are some things it's not that I miss about the last place I lived, I mean you can't beat the beauty of the NW, also can't beat the rain that gets you that beauty. LOL But we just wanted a change and ended up here, picked up and moved having never been to CO before and I am so happy we did. Like I said, I can't say enough good things about this town. ESPECIALLY if you have kids.

I know this thread is a bit old, but if people search Fort Collins like I did they will find it :p

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