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Forged signature!

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This is my first post so apologies if this is the wrong spot...

Im.in 4th semester precepting at a long LTC facility and someone forged my name on a narc sheet. I found a signature of mine that obviously was not mine. It was dated on a day I wasn't there. I did take it to the Don who blew me off. My preceptor then admitted to the Don that she "signed for me to get caught up" . The count was correct so the Don didn't seem to care at all.

She has also

documented that I gave meds when i didnt. (I may have forgotten to log out or she may have logged on as me. It was my first day using the charting so I'm not sure which it was I don't remember if I logged out.)

She also cuts corners, ignored contact precautions, and tried to get me to chart things I didn't do. All because she says this is the real world not nursing school. I emailed and called my instructor about this but I've not heard back.

Soooo am I overreacting because I'm freaked out by this? What should I do?

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Good morning and welcome to allnurses! I moved your post to a nursing student forum to ensure maximum responses.

No one should ever forge your signature, you are right to raise a flag! Try your instructor again until you get a response.

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You are not over-reacting. If it's in the chart under your name, it is something that YOU are legally responsible for. It is VERY troubling that this nurse has been putting your name on medication administrations - what if she makes a med error while documenting under your name? You will be on the hook for it! Secure your credentials immediately and work to create impeccable online security habits from now on. Do not walk away from a computer without first logging out!! It's also a big problem that she is forging your signature on the narcotics record. Again, if things don't turn out rosy with the narcs and your name is on it, YOU will be in trouble. I would aggressively seek support from your school in this matter. If your instructor will not help you, FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL. Find a way to create a paper trail of when you were there and when you weren't so that you can somehow cover your butt for the times she's signed things off for you when you weren't there. I don't think it would be going too far to seek legal help in this situation, and I also don't think you would be out of line to seek a different preceptor or a different experience entirely. This entire situation stinks and you have been put in a horrible position by this nurse.


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Doesn't a Narc log need to be verified by another RN?