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i have been in med/surg for almost 3 yrs. while i know i won't stay as a staff nurse for my career, i can't decide on a next move. during undergrad, i was pre-med. went as far as to take the mcats. i have a strong pull toward forensics, but don't have a clear idea how i can apply nursing towards it, or even what field i can work towards other than medical examiner. and i am not planning on pursuing med school at this point.

the question i'm posing is.... does anyone have any info on getting into forensic or forensic nursing? i was recently told by a pathology resident that you can work in that field as a PA, a large hosp by me hires them in the morgue for example...

thanks for any info!

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There's actually a Forensic Nursing forum on this website, under the "Specialty" tab. I'm sure they would have some good information for you :)

thanks for your help!

Sexual Assault Nurse Exaniners or SANE nurses work with forensics a lot and are in high demand. there are only two in my area that are shared by 6 hospitals

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