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Who else out there is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner? I have been doing this for about 6-8 months and just went through the week long core SANE training that was put on by a major hospital and... Read More

  1. by   apiranio
    Quote from Haunted
    The wheels are being put in motion to establish a "safe place" clinic however right now it's just 2 RN's with limited contacts but lot's of experience. Stay tuned.

    Go to the IAFN website and look for a program near you they may be able to help you get a program in your area started
  2. by   traceyd
    Hi there, I am a RN, with a cert. in Forensics and Mental Health, I also work as a Crisis Response worker for sexual assault in South Australia, I am really interested in becoming a qualified SANE nurse, it is not a common thing in Australia, but I would like it to be, does anyone have any info on international SANE nurses. I am interested to find out.
  3. by   Guppy
    ....the hospital I work at in PA has a similar type SANE programme we have "regular" RN jobs and submit 40 hours of on call for SANE every 6 weeks