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  1. I have always wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist and work in the ME's office. Right now I am working on my BSN but that is not my "dream". I am 29 years old with 2 kids (ages 5 and 14 months) with a husband as well. Can I even make it through med school?! Am I too old to do that or should I just stick with Nursing? Forensic Nursing is an option but it really is not what I want to do (rape cases are a lot of what they do).

    Do nurses work in the ME office and if so what do they do?

    How old is to old to go to Med School. I dont know much about Med School but can you get your BSN and then go to med school?

    Any info would be great.

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  3. by   marilynmom
    Well I have done more research on forensic nursing and I had no idea you could work in the MEs office! I am thrilled to find out about that! I thought all a FN did was sexual assault but that is not true. Anyways, I guess I answered my own

    I cant belive there are not more people on here with an interest in forensics. I have always been fascinated with forensics, even as a child.

  4. by   ffh40
    Marilyn I was reading Patricia Cornwell, before I heard of forensic files, cold cases, etc. I always thought it would be interesting I just recently found out that an RN can be involved in forensics and that is one of the reasons I am going to school to obtain my RN. Wish me Luck, I've been an LPN for almost 20 years.
  5. by   rnnurse2be
    I too have always been interested in forensics. QUINCY, CSI, Forensic Files, FBI files, I Spy, CROSSING JORDAN!
    Love them all!

    Anyways, seems to be just a few of us who are interested in this area of nursing. I hope enough to get a discussion going anyways!

    Anyone know where to go to get the Forensic Nursing subscription mentioned in another post?
  6. by   dsczephyr
    Actually, there are a great many nurses involved in forensic nursing and who talk to each other all the time. While this is one site, it is not the main site for forensic nurses. I suggest the following:

    The website for the International Association of Forensic Nurses is:
    There is a fee for professional membership.

    The website for the "Forensic Nurse" publication

    I think you'll find most of the information you're looking for on these websites. I also think you'll find forensic nursing to be one of the fastest growing areas of nursing in existence. However, even though it is a fascinating field, it's nothing like the TV shows. Forget them. Forensic nursing is still nursing, albeit a fascinating area of nursing.

    Good luck!
  7. by   travelbug
    I have done forensic nursing for a number of years and I can tell you it isn't about rape cases, anywhere I've worked. Usually it's murderers, rapists, the criminally insane. It is very dangerous tough work and you need to be on your toes every second. After saying that if you really are interested in forensics really know your stuff and learn from other forensic nurses on the job. If you are interested in becoming a M.D. remember that we can do anything we put our minds to if we have the will. All the best. p.s. I do like forensic nursing but wouldn't want to do it all the time.
  8. by   rnnurse2be
    Thanks for the web sites!
  9. by   dsczephyr
    You're very welcome. Enjoy!