Forensic Nursing LPN?

  1. Can LPNs practice Forensic Nursing? If not, what are the steps required to do so? If so, does anyone know of any jobs near Philly that offer this type of position to LPNs?
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    I am new to this site. What does that mean?
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    Yes, an LPN can practice as a Forensic Nurse. Please click this thread for more information and we hope you enjoy

    How Do I Become a Forensic Nurse/Role of the Forensic Nurse
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    Ok thanks. Im still just a little confused as to what my next steps should be after earning my LPN. Theres so many acronyms for so many different types of programs based off of different degrees, its just a little too confusing for me lol. Can someone please help me break it down? I did use the link above and located some SANE programs in my area (Phila-Camd) but it didnt offer much information about the requirments for the program or the program itself. Are there different types of forensic nurses and if so what are the ones that only require you to have an LPN? Does anyone know of any places in Philly (or the surrounding areas) that actually hire forensic LPN's?
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    Hi, I think I might be able to help you out. First off Forensic nursing is called just that, Forensic nursing. There are no Forensic LPNs, they are interested in your nursing knowledge not whether you are an LPN or RN. The only time that comes into play is when applying for further education. So with that being said you might want to look at your local police station, public health department, emergency room, correctional facility or the coroners office, these are places where Forensic nurses work. You probably will not see these jobs posted online or in the newspaper so the best thing to do is call these places and ask if they have a Forensic nurse on staff and ask if you could speak with her or him.
    Do what is called an"information interview" Tell them you are interested in this type of nursing and wanted to learn more about their job and what you would need to do to get a job like this.
    Here's a list of what a Forensic nurses title might be:

    Forensic Clinical Nurse Expert
    Correctional Nursing Expert
    Forensic Investigator
    Forensic Gerontology Specialist
    Forensic Legal Adviser or Consultant
    Forensic Psychiatric Nurse
    Death Investigator
    Sexual Assault Examiner

    There is an association called the International association of Forensic Nurses at International Association of Forensic Nurses that you might want to check out, great information there, they will also be able to answer your questions and help you find something in your area.
    Hope this helps.
    Tina Lanciault, RN
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    Thanks sooo much BIG help!
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    You're welcome, glad I could help!
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    Tina, great info. I'm looking for a change from the OR.