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I am an LVN in Texas and am trying to find out if I have to have my RN before I can go into foresic nursing. Does anyone know, or know where to go to find out.:rolleyes::D... Read More

  1. by   ZORYA
    Figured you guys would like that....I thought it was funny too!!

    vsummer1.....meow! :chuckle :imbar :roll
  2. by   veetach
    I am a SANE, and to my knowledge, the area of forensic nursing is open to RN's only. You can obtain a Forensic Nurse Specialist degree with a Masters level program. good luck
  3. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    how did you come to be a sane? do your duties keep you busy full time? or do you still work in your previous area of specialty? i just wrote a research paper on forensic nursing and - according to the journals - sane nurses often work on an "on-call" basis and still work their previous jobs. also, do you see the specialty expanding? is your community receptive? (sorry if i'm being nosey!)

    most of all - do you love your role as a sane (i realize the work is troubling - but do you feel like you are able to help the pts)?

    i look forward to hearing from you!
  4. by   subec
    I too am VERY interested in this field, but I am having trouble finding masters programs.

    For anyone that has continued on to get a MSN in forensics---do you recommend working before going on to graduate school, or going straight to graduate school? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP

    I obviously have not continued (yet!) - But - the programs that I have found vary in their requirements for working before entering the program.

    Johns Hopkins University likes people to have worked for 2 years before applying to their MS program. BUT the various certificate (e.g. SANE) only require that you are a RN...last night I clicked on a link from here about "Kaplan College" and they have a 1 year certificate program that you can take online...

    My plan is to get certified as a SANE or "Forensic Nurse" work for a year or 2 and then apply to the few schools that offer a Masters degree...Johns Hopkins, Duquense, UCCS and any others I can find.

    I also would love to hear from Forensic Nurses - pointers, suggestions on career and education planning...
  6. by   marilynmom
    I am working on my BSN right now as well and have always been interested in forensics. I know here in Oklahoma where I live we have a Masters degree Forensic Nursing at UCO that is really popular, actually their whole forensic science programs up there are good.

    Its nice to meet other people who are interested in forensics as well