1. Not sure where to post this but here it goes. I am currently an LPN working part time in a correctional facility while going to school full time to complete my associates. Forensic nursing and law enforcement has been an interest of mine (hence the reason I am employed at the county jail), however I have always wanted to also be a victim advocate for victims rape/assault and at risk youth. My question is, would there be anyway to continue in the nursing field while working with these specific group of indivoduals? Or is there a certain type of degree I need to hold in order to perform this type of work? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    Here's a link to a more specific forum Forensic Nursing.
    I think a BSN would be a good start, but forensic nursing is definitely, not for me.
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    You can get a NP for forensic nursing, however, once you attain your RN, and work for 2 years or so, you could be a certified SANE nurse. Which you can find on a search engine specific to your state.

    Also, at present, you could get involved in any local domestic violence prevention group that your town may have as an advocate (and lots of other things that you could volunteer for).

    Best of luck!
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