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I am a 2nd semester nursing student in Southern California. I am interested in becoming a Nurse Coroner and am quite at a loss as to how to go about getting the education and credentials to achieve my goal. I have searched the Internet and haven't come up with much. I am ready, willing, and able to move wherever I need to go to get the education I need once I (hopefully) get my RN license. I am looking for anyone who may have information on the profession of a Nurse Coroner: what it is really like and how to get there.

Any information that's out there would be much appreciated.


calililly :)


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Check out this new program. There is also some good information on this site.


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Any one with information about Forensic Nursing, please post. I have tons of questions. What is a forensic Nurse anyway? Do your patients whine as much as mine do? Where do you find jobs? What are the jobs that you find? How much more assessment do you do than DEAD?

I may sound tongue-in-cheek but this category really interests me. Please, give info.


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Oh, my gosh! I pulled up the Duquesne University site and it is right in my back yard and starts this summer!!!! I can't believe it.


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Hi there,

To help you with your question....there is no such thing as a Nurse Coroner.

A "Coroner" is an elected position in numerous states where they do not have a Medical Examiner system.

The difference is that a ME is selected by the governor of the state that has a ME system, and must be a forensic pathologist.

A "Coroner" is elected and in most states that have a Coroner system..if no MD is running, Joe Blow with no degree or credentials can run. In Mississippi they actually have a mail man that is a coroner. Of course he can not perform an autopsy or sign a death certificate, but can get any MD to sign it as they need a cause and manner of death.

I believe you are looking for a Nurse postion in the forensic death investigation part...the jobs are few and you have to be at the right place at the right time.

I am a Forensic Investigator (Not a RN) for the past 16 years and the last time we had an opening we had over 300 applicants and we only looked at 3 that had an anthropology background. A RN or LPN license is not required to be a forensic investigator. Many of the FI's that I know are not in the "Nursing field".

There are several good schools to attend, but there are no jobs that are readily available.

Some Sheriff's Offices in California have a duel role Sheriff/Coroner and the pay is not too bad, but add the cost to live in L.A. county and it is not worth it.

I will be happy to answer any questions that you have and join us on the chat room, my nickname is caj and I am the owner of the net #allnurses is on.

Look for me on America's Most Wanted on April 20th on your Fox Network on a case that I solved.

Best wishes

Mark "caj" :p


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I may be wrong, but what I understand is that Forensic nursing is anything to do with the law, such as working in correctional facilities, psychiatric institutes that have a correctional connection, etc. It also covers many other areas as well. I'm too new to the area to give much of a definition, but was surprised also. I too, thought that it was associated with "coroner" forensics!


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Since I was a child, I have been interested in the Forensic sciences, but now I work with pregnant women and newborns.

What type of job, as an RN, can I do to prepare me for entering into Forensic Nursing as I return to college?

Why does the college offer education for a Nurse Coroner if there is no such thing? A ploy perhaps or a move to the future?


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originally posted by cajnet

look for me on america's most wanted on april 20th on your fox network on a case that i solved.

best wishes

mark "caj" :p

cool-i love amw caj! of course i'll be watching! ;)

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