Foreign nurse immigrant applying for Nevada Nclex

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yup i was thinking same thing too.. i heard there's no state tax in nevada and the houses there right now is less expensive.. i know because my 2 aunts moved there... Good luck to us all and thank you so much for the replies, it really helps me.. I'm processing my cgfns ces report right now and going to review for toefl.. CGFNS say i could either take ielts or toefl. But i prefer toefl because i'm going to work here at USA soon as a RN. :cat:


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let's all move to NEVADA..guys help us plssss before all other states will follow

CA that will doom our dreams

Kababayan, make sure you guys have solid proof of the local PH nursing license, effective January, 2013, NV will REQUIRE that to even begin looking at the application.

So get the applcation in as soon as possible, not sure that they might even make it retroactive to late 2012, but for sure, come New Year's Day 2013, one must have the PH nursing license or the application will be automatically rejected.

This is because of the other greedy and cheating PH nurses and grads sending RECTO false documents, which was also part of the reason why I think the CA BON found out about those submitting these fake documents, which then lead to finding out about "hey, they are also not in compliance with the concurency rules".


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Hi :) I just want to ask you about your application, did you get your eligibility? Thank you :)

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