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I was thinking about a sweet little lady I cared for a few years back and this just popped into my head. I thought I would share it. She told me daily that I was her little angel. I think of her daily for she touched my heart in so many ways. Thanks for reading. :heartbeat

As I look out the window, I think of another time.

I remember what it was like to have youth on my side.

I think of the days when I was young and carefree.

I think of the days when I was as vibrant as could be.

I'm eighty years old and I still miss my mother,

My father, my sister and my older brother.

I remember birthdays, Christmas, and July 4th.

I think of my husband and our happy times before.

I can't do anything on my own anymore.

I can't even remember the last time a visitor darkened my door.

I remember the thrill when my husband asked me for marriage.

I sadly remember our heartbreak when our first baby I miscarried.

I wonder if the nurses know how I once used to be.

The pictures of my family on my walls for all to see.

Have they taken the time just to have a look?

Do they even care about the little things I have in my nook?

There is one nurse that I love so dearly.

She speaks to me with kindness and the days aren't quiet so dreary.

She brings me flowers from her garden in spring.

She wakes me ever so gently with that little song that she sings.

I hope she knows that I've needed her gentle smile.

I realize that for me she goes that extra mile.

I'm so happy to have her come into my life.

Before I knew her I was filled with sorrow and strife.

I will always remember the things from my past.

But this young nurse has given me the gift that lasts.

She's the one who darkens my door.

She's the one who listens even when I must be a huge bore.

Thank you sweet one for all that you do.

You will be blessed, for I'm so blessed to have you.

What you do does not go recognized you see.

I'm grateful for all the little things you do for me.

You've been my little angel bringing me love and compassion.

You've always been a pleasant, much needed distraction.

I love you for all you do.

Thank you dear nurse for seeing me through.



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Thank you for sharing the poem, and especially for sharing your compassion.


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Thank you for the lovely poem.


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Thank you for taking the time to read it. It's dedicated to all the nurses and aides that go beyond and do that extra little something to make an elderly person's time here more meaningful. Thank you all for doing what you do.:kiss

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Thanks! Every so often we need a reminder of why we get up and go to work every day-and every so often a patient/ family member actually NOTICES what it is that we do!

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Thanks for posting; that's nice. =)

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