For those who used Saunders comprehensive review book and CD only and passed


Hi!Just a question: how did you start using the Saunders CD? Because there is a study mode, review mode, quiz and exam mode there. Can you give some strategies? I am only using Saunders book and CD only. Thanks.


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Hi, I am prepping for the NCLEX using only my 4th ed Saunders Comprehensive Review book + CD.. I have found that STUDY MODE/ CONTENT AREA has been the most useful to me.. I like study mode best because you can look at the rationale immediately after answering the question.. With the QUIZ and EXAM modes you have to wait until the end to view the rationales.. I have used Saunders throughout my schooling and have been quite successful on all my nursing exams.. If you want to identify your weak areas, I would suggest using the ASSESSMENT mode.. Hope this helps!!


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If you feel super ready without work, go straight to exam mode, otherwise I would start with study mode.


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Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to receiving more tips soon.