For those who took NCLEX in CA...

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Don't lose hope!!!

I took the boards on 2/11 2005, and found out today that I passed!!!! I had to wait for 12 days. When I couldn't find my name on the website, I was so convinced that I failed. I had 140 questions and I barely knew anyone that passed with that number. But it doesn't matter now. What matters is I PASSED!! I'm a RN!!!!!

Oh, and for those of you who took Kaplan and didn't do well on the practice tests, don't worry~ I barely scored over 60%. I was always in the 50%'s.

My NCLEX-RN experience is you need to be DETERMINED!! Just take your time, one question at a time, and really focus and take each question seriously. It's very easy for you to feel disappointed when the computer didn't shut down at 75, but it doesn't matter! Just be determined!! You can pass at any number of questions!!!

Good luck to those who's going to take it soon!

By the way, I'm a foreign graduate from Taiwan, so if I can do it , you can ALL do it!!!


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Congratulations!!! :balloons: :balloons:


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I am going on day 7 of waiting....I also had 75 (if you haven't read like the other 100 posts that i've talked about this!!!)

I guess I should stop being so paranoid and just stick it out!


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Knowing that you had practice test scores in the 50s makes me feel better.. I'm hoping I see my name show up on the brn website pretty soon! Congratulations on getting your license! :rotfl:

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