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I just had the time to look in the General Discussions forum (haven't been there in quite a while now because all the bickering and arguing made me sad :o ), and I got the opportunity to read several of your posts on different subjects. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your thoughts on subjects. You speak intelligently, and you don't seem to be afraid to express your views which I really like. I also have to tell you that I am so happy to have a level headed BSN student who's not scared off by all the negative comments made about bachelor grads. I mean, don't anyone take this offensively or anything...THIS IS NOT A SLAM, NOT AN INVITATION TO AN ARGUMENT, ETC.... but I feel like we get put down a lot around here sometimes, you know? Not necessarily in this forum because I've found most of the participants here to be very nice and not at all suffering from superiority syndromes/inferiority complexes for the most part, but in other forums I have not found this to be the case. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate you, and am glad that you joined the board.

Be blessed!

moni rn

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brandy, i second louise's thoughts! thank you for being there for everyone!



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You know, in a world where there is so many arguments, so must distain, and so much hardship, it still amazes me how a kind word can make me cry.

I have so many many friends from this board, and i feel personally attached to each one of you, I feel like I have the pleasure of sharing your joys, and your pains. I love each and everyone of you, (yes, even those of you who hardly ever agree with me) because each of you here make a contribution, and add spice to my life. I wish everyone the absolute best, and really wanted to say thank you, you really made me cry :)

Hugs and Love for all members of the team :)



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I agree w/the above posts. I'm fairly new here myself(and not even a nurse yet....LOL), however I've enjoyed everyone's opinions and thoughts here. I especially appreciated your open and honest thoughts/experiences w/depression. I finally broke down and made an appt. to discuss my PMS/PMDD w/ a Dr. next week, and am hoping to get some relief/advice ! I thought that starting LPN school in the fall will be enough stressor-so any help/medication I can get will be greatly appreciated !!(I also have severe tinnitus, which antidepressents are supposed to help out as well).

Anyway, I was nervous about trying a medication-but now I'm going to go BEGGING for them---and this is all due(inpart) to your post(and the replies it got)

Thanks again !!

Tricia(future LPN..and then RN):D


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Tricia, I am so happy that you are going to be able to feel better now. School is starting for my on the 27th, but I will still be here if you need anything, or need to talk about anything.

The first step is the hardest!



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