For Australian nurses (more specifically qld)???


(Ok, firstly I know you can't get legal advice on this site - I'm not looking for legal advice, just wanting to hear stories of anyone who was in a similar situation)...

Are there any people who were able to become nurses with a caution on their background? I know that the qld council looks at every case separately and the relevance to the job, but I was hoping to hear any stories of someone who successfully did this? I'm just wondering because they specifically talk about charges and convictions, but they never mention cautions, and they're not charges or convictions, but I think they can still access it anyway in the checks. (For shoplifting an item worth about $7 as a juvenile, first and only offence). I would still be honest about it, as I fully regret this stupid thing and take responsibility, but I know they may question this as you would have access to others' property....Anyway, I was just wanting any similar experiences from anyone?

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You were a kid.

You nicked something of little value.

You got told off - cautioned.

You learnt your lesson.

You're sorry.

You wont do it again.

Don't give it another thought!

Move forward and enjoy the rest of your life!



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I agree with Grace (hi Grace :)) Even criminal records of juveniles are sealed, however according to google answers, cautions are removed after five years, so if it was longer ago than that then there isn't anything to find. I can't cut and paste at the moment but to see for yourself google anything like: how long do police cautions remain on record.

Best of luck


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Thanks for your answers! : ) .... I've just been really worriedd cos I don't want to be judged for this :'(

Thanks for your encouragement!


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I would declare it anyway. They will surely not care about it.. however if you dont declare it and they find out..THAT is when you will have issues.


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I really wouldn't - there's no record to find and why make tings any more complicated than they need to be? The question specifically asks about convictions, not "any dealings wiht the police."

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