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Follow up survey overload


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Hospitals have gotten on the follow up survey bandwagon. After an interaction with the healthcare system the patient might get a follow up phone call, with a quick survey. This is the latest and greatest in customer service...

I'm finding myself overloaded with constant customer surveys. Even after a simple by phone transaction busnesses will have an automated opportunity to take a survey. I recently needed to use a rental car while my car was having body work. I got a follow up phone call. I told them "I don't like surveys, everything was fine, goodbye". Then, I just purchased a new car and of course I got a voicemail asking me to call back to take a survey. Forget it, not interested. :down:

Basically, if I had a problem, I would let them know. Who has time to take all these surveys? I'll tell you who... people who don't have much else going on in their lives.

Has anyone actually done research as to whether or not these surveys are actually truly representative of a broad spectrum of 'customers'? Or do they merely represent the opinions of people with tons of time on their hands? Do hospitals really want the opinions of unemployed drug seekers who abuse the healthcare system regularly?

Some "surveys" are used as a reason to attempt to sell another/more products also. :/

I personally love doing surveys; any chance i get; I have never done one on a hospital or care I received there.

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I used to analyze those surveys patients get after treatment. I don't think they gather much information that's useful. They just seem to get people to say "good job." Most people rate everything pretty highly. A small number don't like anything. Most of the rest rate things straight down the middle. It all lets facilities say they're in "the top 100." Seems a waste of time and money to me. The money could be used for so much more.

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