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Hello there,

i was wondering if you all can explain through your urology experience how this will work out for my dad. My father had a lung surgery due to a collapsed lung and a foley catheter was place. They sent him home with a foley Catheter and couple days later asked him to go to the urology clinic to remove it. They removed it and sent him home and asked him to see if he can pee. He wasn't able to have a continuous flow, had dribbles and retained a lot of fluid due to not being able to pee and ended up in the hospital for lung infection. Again he has a Foley catheter and planning to remove it on Monday after staying 9 days in hospital. My question is how will he get out of the cycle of removing Catheter- if not able to pee. How will he gain his peeing ability's on his own after having a foley bag catheter for 9 days. What if on mondays appt he is not able to pee again. Thanks

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This is something you will need to ask your dad's care team- they are the ones who are working with him and able to assess. In addition for that not being possible to do from a distance, it's also against the terms of service of the website. Best wishes for your dad.

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Awwww, too bad he is dealing with the urinary issues as well as the lung issue.

Rose_Queen is correct, these are all questions to raise with his healthcare providers -- ask at Monday's appointment: where do we go from here, and all the related "what if's??"

There may be some medications he can take that will help with the pee issue.

Wishing him and you all the best.

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