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FNP exam....PLease Help


Hello all! I am currently in my last semester..graduation in 108 days :yes:. Which exam is recommended and what do I study?


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Talk to your faculty. Most programs are geared toward one exam or the other.

I recently graduated and my program did not encourage one exam over the other. I recommend a review course (I like APEA) and a review book like Fitzgerald or Liek. I took the AANP. I think it is your preference on which exam you take. I have found that employers in my area are not partial to one or the other. Good luck.

I was told either exam. I thought the AANP required less to renew and was based more clinically, and thats the exam I took, but the tests have changed. I used the fitzgerald review book, did lots of practice questions, but felt good coming out of the exam. I thought it was easier than the NCLEX.

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I graduate in 85 days (go us!) and my program discussed the exams in our class meeting this past week. They didn't push one over the other and it was really the students who chimed in. I have been researching here on AN and you should too for different study tips, exam practice books, etc.

I will say that you should study for either exam the same way from what I've read. EVERYTHING. The ANCC exam, though, does have a large chunk of NON clinical questions (legal, ethical, theory) from what I've read. The AANP is clinically based.

Also the ANCC can have questions involving pictures and can be choose all that apply. I haven't seen anybody mention AANP has gone to either of those though.

The rest of the technicalities between the two are pretty minimal. Look on the websites. I have the AANP certification PDF guide downloaded to my computer. It outlines qualifications and how to apply. I have already gotten everything to them so I can test ASAP. Only thing they need is a final transcript when I graduate.

Good luck! Do your research on here. Here are TONS of posts.

Recently just graduated also and took my exam. I agree with pretty much what everybody said in this forum. My school did not favor one exam over the other. I took the AANP FNP exam and they were pretty quick on giving me the preapproval to test and they gave me my registration ID to schedule my exam 1 week before graduation. ANCC for some reason had delays because my colleagues who chose to take ANCC could not register until they have everything turned in so a lot of them had to wait one month after graduation before they could register to take the exam.

AANP gave me approval 4 months prior to graduation and they accepted my course work up to date transcript at the time. I didn't even need to complete my program for pre-approval to take the exam. I just neeeded to send them my complete official transcript once I finished. I never had any problems with AANP certification process and it seems to go a lot more smooth than ANCC.

Congratulations by the way in almost graduating! you must be so excited and you just can't wait till your finished! I made a video on tips on what I studied. I took the AANP FNP exam though but perhaps if you chose ANCC maybe it will give you an idea as well. These are just suggestions, the video is nothing fancy or anything like that. Hope this helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAUahzHXw7A