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Does anyone know if any PRN employees have been covered under FMLA for knee surgery?

I'm a PRN tech and have been employed as such for 8 months. I have a torn lateral meniscus and non-functioning ACL to have surgery on this month.

No one in HR seems to be able to give me any info after repeated calls and voice mails. It is starting to **** me off because my surgery date is fast approaching.

My NM is not the nicest person in the world and her response to me informing her about my surgery was "Talk to HR- they will tell you if you will still have a job or not." Gee, thanks for the support and helpfulness.

I'm not looking for any type of medical or legal advice here, BTW. Just wondering if anyone else that is PRN has gone thru this.

Kelly C.

As I understand it, you (everyone) have 12 weeks of FMLA each year. You do not have to take it all at once, but as needed. Such as for follow up Tx after you return to work. If you are PRN you can use it for the amount of days you are required to work each month. As an example if you have to work at least 2 days a month and one weekend day, you can use 3 days of FMLA each month. As much as your manager would like to make you think you won't have a job, she can not fire you if you fill out the right papers and your Dr. has signed them. The FMLA laws are federal and your hospital doesn't want to challange the feds. You do need to keep tract of the days you miss, because one day past 12 weeks and they can fire you. You should be able to contart you Board of Labor Relations for you state if you need more info. Your HR dept. has to have the right papers for you to take to the Dr. office. Some Dr. offices will charde a small amount to fill out the forms. Good luck with your surgery.

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Dont quote me that exact number---but You have to have had work X amount of hours in the last rolling calander year--I think it is 1000. As 2000 hours is full time--so 1000 hours is at least part time---Also NOT every comp has to offer FMLA smaller comp do not based on # of employees on the payroll---a Hosp of course does have enough employees--the law is something like 20 or more staff..

If you consistnetly worked at least 20 hours a week you should be covered. Less than that and they do NOT have to offer you FMLA.

FMLA is 12 weeks in a "rolling year" so if you take your 1st FMLA day in December 08 you can take the remaining 12 weeks between Dec 08 and Dec 09.

They do NOT have to be taken all togather--so if you take a total of 6 weeks off for the knee and then have to have something else done in Spring, you still have another 6 weeks left---you can even take them 1 day at a time if need be.

HR can be a PAIN and it sounds like your NM has too many other things on her plate to help you...Sorry...but you could look online for the FMLA guidelines and then print and then take them to HR yourself.

Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!!

To be eligible for FMLA you must have been employed by your employer for at least 12 months, have worked 1,250 hours in the 12 months immediately preceding the leave and your employer must have at least 50 employees.

Here are the exact requirements from the FMLA website.


Specializes in Cardiac step down unit.

Thank you all for your input and well wishes!

I went to HR yesterday and just as you said I do not qualify for FMLA because I have only been there 8 months.

However- they are giving me a 6 week leave of absence with my job protected! Works for me, job protection is the only thing I care about!:yeah:

Kelly C.

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